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Cost of Septic System

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We were doing leach line systems here in AZ. 1000 gallon, $4980, 1250 gallon system $5350, 1500 gallon system, $5725. Bigger than that takes a big jump. 2000 gallon system, $7550. Price included soils testing, permit, concrete tank and gravity fed rock and pipe system. Alternative systems get pretty pricey and require an engineer to design.

My original house septic was done by yours truely. The year after I put mine in they changed the regulation to where only a licensed septic tank contractor could install one.  It is not brain surgery with only one rule to follow "SRDH". But they found a way to generate more money.  Again the homeowner has to pay the contractor.  I think I had about $700 tank and lines for a 3 bdrm. Now in this area they are installing chamber lines which are easier to install. Mine was standard 4" perforated drain pipe for the fields.  

A little tip to pass on. Install sch 40 from the house to the tank. Especially if it is an area that will ever be driven over.  It is also less prone to collapse when backfilling  without it egg shaping it is less prone to clogs. Oh yes and put a cleanout 45 near the house going to the tank.  Don't have to worry much about the discharge side as usully only water running out there verses the inlet which will run solids.

The state (NH) will allow you to design and install your own system as long as it is to be your primary residence... otherwise you have to hire people.  The name of a designer in Milford to check out is Meridian Land Services, 673-1441. They quoted me $700 for a design plus state fees.

 I know that was how it used to be but I have been told by several people I know no more septic or plumbing. Hope you are right and they were wrong. Is that what they told you at meridian? There used to be a state office in milford I will have to check. Are you going to do your own? It's not that hard I was going to do mine when I was going to build years ago. If you have a plan your set. Was the perck included in the $700?
Thanks Mike
Whats your name by the way

perk is not included in that... or backhoe/test pit fee.  my name is Chris.


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