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Started by Redoverfarm, November 25, 2007, 08:34:07 PM

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Work on Dogtrot has been a just a little faster than a snail pace this week.  Two days were spent out of town. Upside to those trips I always managed to pick up something I needed.  Roanoke, Virginia for Thinset to set the tile underlayment and to set the tile.  Well on Wednesday I was back to the grind  "sort of" as I have been under the weather for the last couple of weeks.  Nothing serious (Don't think") just conjestion and as of yesterday I pick up a bad cold.  Go figure I thought it started at the top and worked down. This was just the opposite.  About 3 weeks ago my daughter (7) had walking pneumonia.  Is it contagious?  Anyway I got my Shulter "Ditra" last week so I finished putting it down in the Kitchen and Bathroom.  I hauled about 1/2 of the tiles to the cabin from the house in anticipation of starting to lay it Monday.  I am going to use a neighbors tile saw but his daughter presently has it.  He called and said that it will be back home tonight. 

Here is the Ditra underlayment for the 1/2 marble tile.  I went ahead and laid it off in preparation for Monday.



Here is the tile "dry set" against the fireplace.

Here it is next to the log wall and post.

While I was going at a slow pace I also trimmed out some windows in the bedroom(no pics) and stained and put a coat of sealer on the basement stairs. I am constantly going up and down and in an out the basement to start the generator and I could invision grinding dirt into the step.  Maybe this will help some until I can actually put the finish sealer on them.

Well they are back.  For the third year in a row.  On the same post as last year.  Evidently it wasn't the mother bird that died in the cabin last year or it is one of her offspring.  I should have put the nest back up that I took down but they probably wouldn't have used it anyway.

Hope everyone has a good weekend.  I think I will recoup a little. Well I said a little. 


Looks like a good start to the tile John.


Scott the tile was just dry set (placed) to get the correct layout.  Will have to wait for the saw to really get started.  With marble you need to stay off it for 2-3 days once laid.  I didn't want to get started and have to wait several days to be on it.  So I will start in one corner/side and move to the door all at once.  When I make it off the kitchen I have other ways to walk around and stay off it. Wish I could give you a hand on yours.   


Red I continue to be amazed at your work of art. The bear in the wall is great! Your place is looking more and more like a museum of fine art building.  :)
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Dog thanks for the compliment.  The bear was just accidental but unusual.  The trim work is slow to make it look right.  I am getting there slowly but surely.


You can even see the bears giant paw in the air! That wood is very cool. Has great character  ;D
The wilderness is a beautiful thing for the soul. Live free or die.


Been working on the marble tile in the kitchen for the last two days. Sorry no pics.  I never laid 1/2 marble before but it is definitely different than regular tile.  Lippage is the main concern with marble in that the tile will settle and make it uneven.  Real PIA to work with.  OK I am like everyone else in that I under estimated my materials. I originally got what I thought would be enough thinset.  But I failed to take into consideration the amount of thinset that it took to fill up the waffle design on the Ditra before using the notched trowel.  Oh well I guess it gives me another excuse to go shopping soon.  I need to pick up a new blade for the saw as well.  I hate borrowed stuff.  It is either worn out or broken when you get it.  Good for the owner though as I always give it back in better shape than I got it.

Here is my son earning some Extra Credit in the evenings.  He is using a draw knife peeling the bark off of the stair stringers logs.

So I guess I will switch gears until I can make it out of town for the thinset.  Think I will lay some more stone on the wall.


I can't believe that it has taken me 4 days just to lay the marble in the kitchen.  I ended up driving about 1-1/2 hours OW to get some more thinset on Wednesday after I ran out that morning.  I really was going to wait until an opportune time but I got to thinking about the weekend and needed cure time.  I could have laid the whole cabin in tile at this rate in the same amount of time.  Oh well it is laid and will go to the bathroom tomarrow.  Hopefully if I can get it finished it will have a long weekend to cure before I will grout.  Here is a couple of pics.



Just sitting waiting for the paint to dry.  No not really.  I grouted the kitchen and bathroom floor yesterday.  I thought I would give it a little extra drying time to make sure that the grout is dry before I seal it.  I didn't want to get involved in anything else until I got this done because i knew that the dust would migrate to the kitchen & bathroom.  It is basicly clean now with two clear rinse applications and I wanted to stay that way until I got the grout sealed. 

But I did work on the kitchen cabinets at home.  They are nothing fancy just beadboard front doors but they are made strong with 3/4" birch ply for the complete housing & 3/4" white pine for the facings and door skeleton.  The uppers will be glass front with beadboard backs.  The lower are just sealed natural 3/4" birch ply.  This is the first one that is completed.  Haven't decided on handles yet. 


Cabinet looks nice John. Can you put some more pics showing construction detail sometime? I'll be building my own cabinets too in a few months.


John, I need you to build some cabinets for me too!   ;D  They look really nice...

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Well this is one time that I cannot take the credit.  A friend of mine that was off work in the winter built them for me.  If I hadn't worked on the cabin all winter I would have probably done them.  Not enough time in the day. I did sketch out the general design and sizes. 

As for the construction they are just regular 3/4" birch shell with 3/4" white pine faces, doors and doors.  I did pick-up the beadboard and prefinished it for him to use as door inserts. All in all it took roughly 7 sheets of ply to do what I have in the kitchen.  And that isn't that many cabinets. Oh of course that included a 3' X 5' island for the sink and breakfast bar.


Scott here are some pictures of the cabinets that I haven't got finished yet.


Corner Base

Corner Upper

Filler Base


The Island is the only false back that I have.  It was done this way because I am going to use 1X6 T&G paneling to wrap the sides and back to go with the other T&G near the kitchen.

Hope these are good enough to give you some idea.  


They look great. Your pal has made a sweet job of those.  [cool]
The tiles look great too.


Great pics. Thanks John.  :)


Wow, those are wonderful. How long has it taken you to get this far?


CF I wouldn't want to say as if I did it would surely give my age away. Everyone in younger years would be surprised that I made it this far.  Oh you mean the cabin.  Here is a post which really recounts the time period.

Thanks for the comments


I started this week off on the hardwood flooring.  I probably have 1/3 of it done as of today.  Here are a couple pictures of what it looks like.

Foyer & Kitchen


Loft view of living room and Fireplace hearth

And here is my summer guest for the third year.  It appears they might be a tad warm.  There was five eggs and I assume all of them hatched.  Sort of cramped in that nest that size. Their timing is pretty good.  I checked last year and it was May 30th and appear to be about the same size. 


Oh boy, John! That floor is looking nice.   :)

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You are kick'n butt John. Looks great.  :)

I picked up my stone today.  :P


What a nice place you have made [cool]
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Is that teak?  looks good.  reminds me of a teak floor I did back in CA
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No Jens it is Brazilian Cherry.  Prefinished (God I love that part).  It does look like Teak when it is finished this way.  It was a little red when I first started and wasn't sure whether I liked it or not but it does grow on you.  If there is a downside you have to be really careful installing as not to hit the edges and facenailing doesn't work ( hard to conceal) as well in those hard to get places.  Well you have heard of the Bermuda Triangle today I was at the Devils triangle.  In an area of about 3  square feet I had to trim to go around 2 post, 45 degree hearth, fireplace and stairway landing.  The biggest problem is that I had to transpose that imaginary line to pick up on the other side so that the rest of the floor area would match.  I am beat tonight. Too much figuring I guess.