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Wanted! Buy! Sell! Barter! Give Away!

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We had a suggestion for this from a member, so I asked John and he thought we should run this up the flagpole and see if anyone salutes. So here we are!

The logistics and costs of getting something from one place to another would have to be worked out between the interested parties. And of course, Country Plans does not offer a warranty, nor is there any implied warranty. Country Plans does not verify the condition, usability or suitability of any items offered for sale or trade. Country Plans does not collect fees nor act as a financial clearing house. It's a classic case of Caveat Emptor.

At present I can't think of anything around here I really want to sell... I am a bit of a packrat at times. OK, most all of the time. However, I have some "wants". I'll get to that in a moment.

I believe it would make this work smoother if we began each post with the nature of the deal; Wanted, Buy, Sell, Trade, Barter.... terms like that, and the general location, State or City (if large enough to be known to someone from across the country).


I would like to find a couple of hand held VHF two way radios. Even one would be a start.

Marine band or 2 meter, 5 watt would be just fine. 

There's something to start with.  :)

Hey Don,

 You might try Sportsmans Guide or Cheaper than Dirt. I've got one radio my wife lost the other one off the atv. We later found it but it no longer works. I need two or three more my self.

Good Luck

Maybe it would help to pin this subject, so it's easy to find everyday. Just a thought.

Good idea Sparks!


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