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Well I think I finally made it. At least one anyway. 

This is the area that I am building my Dogtrot log cabin on the WV & VA state line. The photograph is to the east(Virginia) and you are looking at my closest neighbor. Probably 2 air miles and 3-4 road miles. Actually my house is closer than my neighbor(a neighbor I can get along with) for now. I had hoped to include a couple of photographs daily to catch up on the current status of my project.  It will not take that long ( to catch you up)as I am doing 75-90% of the work myself.

Yeah John!! :)

glenn kangiser:
Glad you were able to git er done.  :)

That's plenty close for neighbors, but I always like to make an extra effort to get on good terms with them.

Now if I can just figure out a way to post more than one picture without installing additional software.  I could only copy one photo at a time and paste.  Without the software that was mentioned I have to copy it from Photobucket then go to the forum and paste then narrate what it is.because I loose my page when switching back and worth. Got to be an easier way. Any ideas?

This is the entrance to the property off of a Forrest Service road.  The Virginia line is along the right side of the driveway. It is a little steep (18% grade)  but is not that bad.  The culvert head was done in that manner to blend in with the rest of the culverts along the 6 mile stretch of the road which were done by the CCC  many years ago.  To make it match the opposite end was done in the same manner although it serves no real purpose as for diversion as the upstream end was done.  The entrance is 24' wide to enable a double gate and allow for larger vehicles to enter.


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