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Trump or Hillary ?

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Trump.    Anyone but Hillary.

I've narrowed my pick down to Jack Daniels or Jim Beam because it's going to take a bottle of one of them to get me through election night.

Adam Roby:
How close is it really?  Scary thought...

glenn kangiser:
It really doesn't matter who you vote for.  The computer programmers will install whoever the PTB wants.  The one who is eventually installed in office is picked by entities who control the world.  Not the US citizens.   :o

You are presented with a group of mostly unacceptable choices, a few jokers, a carefully planned and choreographed  song and dance to make the people think the vote is real... (if they are naive enough), then installation proceeds as planned by the elite.  Look at the previous installation of Bush and Obama ...2 times each......

Please vote if it makes you feel good.  :)

Glad we took care of that. The golden rule runs deeper. Let's not do this to one another.


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