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In early 2019 we will be adjusting our Plan prices, so if you'd like to take advantage of the current prices (which haven't changed in over 10 years) please place your Order soon. Happy Building!
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Small Home Plans

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Little House Plans Kit - 10', 12', 14' wide

Enchilada 14' wide Bldrs Cottage Design Kit

16' wide Victoria Cottage
1 Story 2 Bdrm Volks Cottage
1 Story 2 Bdrm Grandfather Cottage
20'x30' One-story Cottage Plans
20'x30' 1-1/2-story Cottage Plans
20'x34'  Two-story Universal Cottage Plans
24'x36' 2-story Solar Saltbox Plans
Glazing Plans for Sunrooms & Skylights

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Have fun builidng your house!

Practical Small Home Design
& Construction for Home Owners

We sell expandable and modifiable small house plans for those who want to build their own small home, cottage or cabin. You can modify our standard plans to fit your site, budget and building style. Click Plans and home design tools to get your home building project moving. Go to the free forum to see how members help each other out. Site Reading Tip: "Ctrl +" to enlarge text, "Ctrl -" to shrink.

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Happy Winter!
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How to customize a stock plan - for example, one of our plans on the LEFT.
See the RIGHT side for FREE FORUM links.
20' wide 1-1/2 story cottage home in Alaska
20' Universal 2-story cottage home
16x24 owner build cabin
Owner built Victoria Cottage in Maine
Most Popular Houses: The photo links at the left have stories about homes members are building using our plans. At the far left column are links to our stock plans that provide full construction blueprints for simple-to-build houses. Gallery pages show more owner-projects.

Resources for New Builders: This site has a great deal of information on building a small home, cabin or cottage. Just mouse around this master portal page to links that interest you. The Tiny House (200 sf) Design Contest has spurred many ideas! Click Books for helpful reviews of design & building books.

Join the Small Home Discussion: Visit our free Forum. Use it to get answers to questions about home planning and building (using our plans, your own, or anyone else's). We now have over 10,500 members with more than 189,000 Q&A posts. Try the Owner-builder section for a first visit. When you sign up, you are welcome to start a new thread with info and photos of your own evolving project. Joining and posting is free, click here for Mountain Don's helpful tutorials. 

Finally... don't know if you could really build a small house or cabin? Get Inspired!

Quick Clicks go directly to: • Plans Order form • Books to FindWeb linksAuthor • Finding LandDesign Ideas3D Home Arch • Maps200sf Design Contest • EcoCottage Plan  • Shed Roofs • Stock Plan Templates • Jefferson (ladder) stair Built-up Beam Glenn's Underground cabin Building Permit Notes  Privacy Policy

Articles of Interest
Customizing a Stock Plan — How to get the house you you want from an inexpensive standard house plan.

What it cost to build — Use this simple construction cost estimator, or see The Right Amount to Spend on a New House.

Understanding Building Permits (a must-read for new builders!)

21st Century Foundations New materials for basements and crawlspaces.

Post and Pier Foundations — An alternarive for sheds and small buildings. If you have good soil.

Building for Tornados  Details to consider when building in high wind areas.

Thought Experiments
  — How to build a house in your mind. 

5 ways to build your house — Different ways to balance your money, time and skills.

Design Contest — Winners of the under 200 sf house design contest. How small can you go?

Small Alternative House  — A photo tour of a 3 building post & pier compound under 1000 sf.

Free How-To Printouts: • Built-up beam • Ladder stairShallow foundations • Plumbing guideVisual Stair GuidePressure Treated Wood Foundations

Forum Topics

cabin and cottage home design build public discussion group
Visit our FREE Discussion Forum. Here are a few interesting topics from our 10,000+ members:

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Tiny Homes Book
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20x40 1.5 story cabin
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Victoria w/ radiant floor heat
Fast tubes for concrete piers
Designing a bigger house
Llyod Kahn owner-builder movie
Span calculator for joists & rafters
2 story Universal - 1
2 story Universal - 2
Electrical & Plumbing tutorial
What fuel to heat with?
Glenn's low cost garage
Costs for the 20' wide Cottage plans
Framing the 1-1/2 story
Pier footings in cold soil
How to use stock plans
Making frame walls rigid
Indigenous Housing - learning from the natives
Victoria Cottage Project
Finding a builder & working for yourself
Insulated headers
What type Foundation
Owner-built 20x24 cottage (w/ pics)
Underground Cabin Update (fun!)
Tiny house built for $1400 Tiny cabin built for $1400
Want to visit the competition?

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