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Practical Small House Plans

CountryPlans sells energy efficient house plans for folks who want to build a home, cottage, or cabin. Most of our plans come with multiple options to fit your budget and building style.

All plans come with a free booklet that helps during the entire home-building process, including:

  • a ‘how to read house plans’ guide
  • strategies for how to find the right land
  • tips for dealing with the building dept. 
  • a visual guide to framing
  • notes about heating, hot water & a/c
  • the right foundation for various soil types
  • a guide to earthquake and wind bracing 
  • details for rafter and dormer framing

Whether you’re building by yourself, or hiring an architect, our plans help make the process simple, clear, and affordable.

Practical Help

Our goal is to demystify the home-building process, so over the last 40+ years we’ve built a wealth of free resources to help support builders.

Updated January 16, 2024

Happy New Year! 

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Helping builders since 1978. Online since 1997.