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1/2 plywood vs. 7/16 OSB sheathing

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--- Quote ---Hi,

   We just recently finished our garage with 1/2" cdx on exterior walls and roof.  Roof decking was on trusses 24" on center.  Exterior walls were 2" X 6" 24" on center.  (OSB 7/16" was $11.99 and CDX 1/2" was $12.99)  

   If we were to do it again, I would spend the extra $ for 5/8 cdx on the roof.  I weigh almost 300 lbs. and was very nervous when walking on that roof !!!  Thought I was going through a couple of times.  Lots of flexing.  We used 2 plywood clips between each truss.  The difference in cost would have been $7.00 a sheet.  I used 22 sheets for the roof.  $154.00 extra (CDX 5/8" was $19.99)  Would have been money well spent.

   Finished exterior with hardiplank siding.  I felt the Hardiplank was worth the extra time and money.  It was hard to cut unless using the special hardi blade in a circular saw.  The siding would just eat up carbide blades.

  I agree with Peg, to hand nail shingles.  I started with a nailing gun.  Some nails would end to deep. And some were set high, so I had to drive them with a hammer anyway.  

   Good Luck . . .
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  I'm going to like this guy :)  To add to the too deep / not driven deep enought , a nail gun nail , even if  it is a galv nail or not , is a "smoother" nail shank than a hand driven galv. nail , or it wouldn't /couldn't be co -lerated (sp)/ a gun nail .   Couple that with the "greasing "action of OSB . not sure what cause's that , the glue ? The sealer they put on it (OSB)?  I just know it is a fact , hands on research , lots of it .

 I do used nail guns but I pick my places , roofing ain't one of the places .

   Good Luck  :)  PEG

Jared Drake:
Ok, after reading all this, I'm confused. CDX is plywood, and from what I gather, it's better? Somehow, everything went from 7/16 versus 1/2 to 5/8 plywood. Ok, simple answer for a simple minded guy: 7/16 waferboard (which, I assume, is the same as OSB) is good for roofing and sheathing, right? As long as it's kept dry?

7/16 OSB / Waferboard , I'd say they are the same product , MTL . A by product sheet good made up of chips/ strands , glued together.

  Will it swell if left to the weather , yes no doubt it will.

  It is used for roof sheathing in most areas of the USA , banned in FL. I beleive after hurr. Andrew.  IIRC.  

[highlight]  So simple answer is yes it can and is used for roof sheathing , and should be covered ASAP. [/highlight]

  All the other chatter about what is better , how and why , is just more info, from those who have used it ,    PEG

I disagree on the OSB vs Waferboard. OSB has its chips aligned in layers parallel and perpendicular to the long edge. It is quite a bit stronger and stiffer than waferboard when installed with the long edge perpendicular to the rafters/joists. Whichever you get, make sure it is rated as a structural sheathing.


--- Quote ---I disagree on the OSB vs Waferboard. OSB has its chips aligned in layers parallel and perpendicular to the long edge.

  quote , 7/16 OSB / Waferboard , I'd say they are the same product , [highlight]MTL [/highlight].

     [highlight]MTL.     More Than Likely[/highlight] . Yes check it out  see if it structural sheathing or not .      MTL  Jared didn't get the nomeclature right , those terms are used loosely , if his package "[highlight]said it was to be used as sheathing" [/highlight]he either tripped the nomclature or he lives in a non conforming  area in which that supplier sells thier product.  

  One might ask what is roof decking ??? Is it a flat roof , that requires a deck and a roof , like this , or  a standard roof , like this ,

  [highlight]You would have to go back to Jareds org post ,[/highlight]

  I'm looking at a home package from Sutherland's lumber and it specifies 7/16" wafer board for the roof decking. What do you think of this? Doesn't wafer board seperate really bad if it gets wet? Also, it doesn't use plywood sheathing, only bracing, asphalt paper and hardboard siding. Is this still a good choice, or is plywood better? Thanks.
  Context / content , all are subjective if one is not balanced by another [highlight][/highlight].
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