14x24 Cabin on the Prairie

Started by JackRabbit, July 11, 2014, 06:36:27 AM

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Hello from SD! First post of my project which I started back in June. I received my excellent set of Enchilada plans from the website and started planning a 14x24 with a wrap around deck on the east and south sides. Planning on putting a loft in along with double shed dormers for more head room in the loft. I am doing the majority of the work alone so that has been a challenge. I went with a crawlspace foundation. Put the footings down around 40". On top of those I dry stacked concrete blocks. The blocks that weren't filled with rebar and cement for support where filled with sand. Sill plate was put on the top and bolted down. Following that I applied surface bonding cement (SBC) to all sides of the foundation. I then leveled off the inside floor with gravel.

Picked a spot that has access to both water and electric and is a stones throw from our garden.

Started off by plotting and digging the foundation with our oversized skid loader ha.

Squared and formed up the foundation. I used PT 2x12s which I will later use for my wrap around deck.

Made a rebar bender out of a 4x4 timber and some lag bolts. Worked great!

Stubbed out electric and water under the footings.

Concrete pour went very well. Ordered the perfect amount with only a wheelbarrow extra. The driver was impressed ha

Next came the dry stacked blocks which I failed to get a picture of.


Nice level ground.  Something we don't see in WV that often.  Neat looking jobsite.  I noticed what looks to be your garden in the background.  It also looks like some fencing.   Surely you are not plagued with the larger variety of four leg rodents.  ;)  Look forward to seeing your progress.


After the SBC dried I got to work on the flooring. Also failed to get a picture of the floor joists and support girder running down the middle.

After I put on the subfloor I started working on the walls. Went with 2x6 studs for more support and insulation capabilities. Notched the studs, similar to dug & Jenny's 20 by 30 1 and 1/2 story, where my loft with go in order to support my beams.

First wall, notice my handy work horse in the background.

Second wall

Last two walls, starting to look like a house!

Where the loft will be, notice notched studs

Next I got some help from my old man to sheet the exterior. Used our small tractor to raised up the sheets while I fastened them in place. After that I started putting up the rafters and ridge board.

Yesterday I cut our my windows and put up the rest of the 12:12 pitch roof. Also framed in the gable ends of the house.

This will be the view down into the living room/kitchen area.

This is looking toward where the double dormers and my loft will sit.


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Very nice progress. I'd like to have one of those workhorses myself!   ;D
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WOW love your foundation!   One question however -  Why no vents?

Looking at things pretty close, does not look like your 'first rodeo'.  How much experience do you bring to the table?

Next time you need a rebar bender / cutter drop over and borrow mine.....    Anything in a pinch will work.

Got any ideas what your 'dried in' cost will be?       
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Adam Roby

From what I have read in the past, it would seem like the rafters would be susceptible to splitting since the ridge does not cover the entirety of the angled cuts (maybe you will be adding filler at some point).  (Example being a 2x12 rather than a 2x8 or whatever that dimension is).

Very nice build, definitely looks professional. 


Thanks for all the comments guys! I am definitely a greenhorn when it comes to a project like this, so any help is appreciated!

rick913151 - This actually is my first rodeo. I have never taken on a project this large before. I worked in a cabinet shop for a number of years prior to this so I know my way around wood. My most extensive project prior to this was building a couple wooden boats. I opted to not vent my crawlspace due to the humidity in our area. I have done some research on this topic. It seemed like the best route would be to encapsulate the entire crawlspace then stick a dehumidifier with automatic drain to keep things in check. Vents open the crawlspace up to outside air which can be very humid. This air then evades the crawlspace where the temperatures and usually significantly cooler, resulting in condensation/mildew/mold/other problems.

Adam Roby - Thanks for the heads up on the ridge board. I realized my error when the first rafters went up. I plan on adding a filler as you suggested to prevent those ends to split.


Hello! Its been a long time since my last post so here are some updates!

Had some great help from my future brother in-law with the dormer and putting  up the sheeting.

Here is a view inside of the dormer.

Also put up my 3x6 rough sawn beams,ponderosa pine from the Black Hills, for the loft supports. (There will be a weight bearing wall in the center to separate the bathroom and kitchen)

Had a friend weld up some brackets for the beams over the door. They turned out great!

Started putting on the roofing, hired that out to a contractor along with the siding. Got the half of the roof done and some of the under eave. Also sealed up the foundation and started backfilling.

Put in the deck footings, just have two left to do. This is were the covered deck will go.

I havent gotten as far as I would have liked at this point. Had a few setbacks along the way. I came down with mono a couple weeks ago. That knocked me down hard and I didn't do anything for 3 weeks. My father also had an accident and fell off a ladder. Fractured his back very badly. Ended up getting 5 vertebra fused and also shattered his heel. He's very lucky is wasn't worse.

On a positive note I picked up with little turd.

Her name is Ava and she is a red lab. She is the current job foreman haha!

John Raabe

Nice looking project and one of the best looking foremen I've ever seen.

Best wishes to you and your dad. Sometimes it's hard to remember about being super careful, but it is so important.
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I really like your cabin. cant wait to see more photos!



Long time since my last post! Took a long break from building but now I'm back at it. Ended up moving and starting a different job. Which resulted in my cabin sitting empty and unfinished. Recently had an out of state relative show interest in buying it. Lost a lot of pictures off my phone from a lot of progress. Finished the outside last fall. Now work on the inside has began.

Here are a few pictures of the outside.





looks great,,,and nice work on that foundation..........!


That is sure beautiful!!! I'm going to look into those Enchilada plans here on CountryPlans.
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