Small Cottage Revisited...

Started by dail, March 19, 2006, 01:31:07 AM

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Some time ago, I posted a pic of building I am constructing for an additional living space for my family. This was shortly after the 200 sq' contest that was run. There was some interest at the time of that posting in what I had done so far.
Here is an update on this project. I am about 90 percent complete on it. The final square footage on this building is 114 square feet. It is roughly complete in what one would need for a home, except a commode. That could be worked in, but we chose to leave it out due to other arrangements.

What do you think folks?....d


sigh...well, I still haven't gotten the hang of this pasting picture thang. Sorry...d


Hum-m, it is a 17 x 22 layout that was pdf'd and then jpg'd. Original file not here at home, I'm afraid.
I'll have to jpg the original at my office on Monday I guess, and try posting that. That may make it bigger.
When it comes to the "net," I am not totally sure sometimes what will work and what won't. I'm more trained to work with software on a workstation than anything.
Thanks for straightening my link!....dail


shoot, I did save and open it on my computer as a jpeg.  But it was so tiny that by the time I got it big enough to see it was so fuzzy that it was unreadable.

Not even going to think about posting that!

But it kind of looked like the little house that somebody--in Georgia--built for his boys.  Around here somewhere.


Ok. I think I got this picture hosting thing figured out now. Sigh....d


Additional photos of downstairs area. A tight squeeze for camera shots.
I am still doing interior finish work down here. Cabinets, trim, lighting, etc.


Wow, really impressive what you've done with such a small place - very good use of space - all the comforts of home!  :)


Good job, Thanks for sharing the pictures with us!


Thanks for your thoughts. I appreciate that.
Here is one more that may help. I really need to do either a movie or use a special "fish eye" lens on the camera. (Which I dont have at this time.)
Heh, if I can get the boys to clean up their room, I'll re-shoot it for clarity on layout.
Believe it or not, I've also figured out how to add a 8 x 12 garage and a small commode to this floor plan. (Garage is an addition, the commode would use half the office space.)
My family is under 6 foot tall, and we are slim build, so the small space works well for us.