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Started by jraabe, April 29, 2006, 12:42:58 PM

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As you know we have allowed guest postings on this forum so that first timers can ask a question or make a reply without having to go through the process of registration. This is helpful to newbees, but opens us up to spamming. Here is the latest report from Glenn...

"Looks like one of the spammers I blocked out knows enough to write a virus that is sending us typed random letter postings from all over the place. "

Let Glenn or I know if you spot a spam message. We would like to keep the forum as user friendly as possible but we also can't spend hours a day killing spam >:(

We'll see how it goes.


[size=12]My two bits on this is that it's not hard to join and it will reduce the spam , should totally elimate it :-/ Spam shouldn't come from within. And then folks that post will have more interest in this forum community as apposed to just raising issues / problems for both Glenn and yourself .

 The down side is some like Ceilia (sp) sorry if it's spelled wrong  :-[came as a guest as did Olga  so  :-/ :-/, and MTL many more  :)

Spammers amaze me in that they are just well,  destructive >:(

As a builder,, that is just wrong  :(

Anyway thats my .02 cents , PEG



Depends on what the mad spammer is up to - I had the same type spam - random letters for guest name and message - from about 4 or 5 countries last night.  

I'd like to see it stay open to guests if it doesn't get worse, but I can't block random world wide guest spammers so may have to change it if it keeps up.  A wait and see thing I guess.


I was a guest first too.  

Hate to see it change, but....

Might still be new-people friendly if they can read if not post.


I go to several other boards and they all require registration to post and very very rarely have spam issues.  Like almost never.  I can't even remember the last time it happened.

I'm of the opinion that it takes but about 3 minutes to registar if you want to post or reply.  If you can't take the 3 minutes you don't want to post bad enough and you can just read what others are posting.


I'm on at least one list that requires registration to read anything, let alone post.  And I think they may have had some spam issues recently.  Well after they started requiring registration to join the club.


Problem seems to have stopped for now - I'll let it ride a bit.


2 more today - blocked numbers


Guest spammed - random letters from all over today at 5:12 am - all categories.  One spam each category from random locations worldwide -once again seems to indicate a virus sent to random computers to attack our board.

This is apparently happening on other boards too.  Quotes-from other board below.

Re: Guest spam
Reply #3 - 04/15/06 at 07:55:29 Quote
It isn't clear why requiring an e-mail address would be less likely to discourage guests from posting than just requiring registration, but since the bots(?) seem to have acquired the ability to post, it might be time to do something.  Things aren't so bad now, but it wouldn't be very hard for a ton of spam to do a lot of damage in very little time.

Personally, I would give it a little more time before preventing guests from posting.  If that is done, maybe put an annoucement somewhere so that future guests understand why this policy is in place.

Re: Guest spam
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There has so far been certain guest(s) spammer typing 'secret codes' or just plain randomly testing his keyboard. his/their posts are appearing all over the place. Isnt there a way to ban his/their 'participation'.

I agree that it would be difficult to trace the sicko(s) out as they'mutate' their guest usernames.  

It's not about invasiveness or complication. It's about really strong players and authors not wanting to register. It could be due to esteem value or due to any other reason, I'm not really getting into it. It's besides the point. They most certainly enrich this forum and we run the risk of losing them by making registration mandatory. That's my objection.


I agree with those posts, at least right now.

Especially if the spam seems to be coming from all over the world all at the same time--is this virus-caused?  Put that way it kind of sounds like it.  If so, then putting an end to it for all time would be good.  But isn't very likely.

But keeping in touch with other boards/lists is a good idea.  John said it.  It has to be!


The amount of people registering to put spam on our forum has dropped greatly after the initial run we had, right after we converted to requiring registration.

We went from several per week to only aboout one every other week or so now.  The major trash domains have been blocked.  I run checks on all new registrants so people who register - get their password and have posted spam - usually drug sales -- at other places come back and find they have been blocked.  It must be frustrating to them -- most do not come back again.

It is much easier to have a quality forum now. :)

The number of legitimate members registering seems to have stayed about the same.  We keep getting good people. 8-)


Thanks to the work of the eagle-eyed welder!  :D


Spammers registering remain the same- about one every 2 weeks.

I removed one today who was a returning spammer - he registered last night - was removed this morning,  He used the same signature he did last time with a different user name and e-mail.  Most have already posted their drug ads before at other sites.  Usually they are not too hard to find.

He's still just as gone. :)



I was just noticing the site statistics "Most Guests ever online was 83 on Oct 12th, 2006, 3:24am" - a bit early in the morning for so many folks to be up thinking about their house projects. Was that likely to have been a spammer attack?


No - I don't think so -- I think it was 2 or 3 search engines hitting at once along with guests.  Each search engine hits with about 20 or more IP addresses at the same time reading every word we have posted recently - like a flock of  crows landing.  I have also seen one here I assume is under contract to the NSA  searching for terrorists on our forum. :-X :-/

The potential spammers have only been hitting about one to three per week.

When I see new members with names like this "SexyBimboCam" I get the feeling something is up besides building cabins.  I feel it is my duty to check it out and be sure that the rest of our members have a quality online experience. :)


The NSA is probably looking for me.  After all, I get THOROUGHLY searched every time I fly.  Even had to go into the ladies room with the guard to check my money belt.  I really look like a terrorist - I'm a middle aged, overweight grandma.   ;D


Either looking for you or an anorexic 20-year-old who wants to recreate the Bader-Meinhoff gang in South Bend Indiana.  With a name that might bear some relation to yours--if someone read it backwards.


Hey, they gave Senator Kennedy a hard time over some Irish terrorist.  It could happen to us all.


What's that old saying?  If there are still politicians in office, then the terrorists have won.  I think it's something like that. :-/


Spammers are stepping it up a bit now.  I am removing around 1 to 4 potential spammers per day now -- these guys have posted spam on other sites- I usually get them before they post it here.

Still so far --so good though. :)

Guess they're not guest spammers now -- they have to register to be a spammer now.