Michigan 20 x 34 1-1/2 story- New interior pics

Started by AAA-DAY, May 03, 2006, 02:23:20 PM

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So, AAA-Day, I'm curious - did you get the porch on this summer? Any updated pictures to share?



My wife and I love how you have built your house.  We are seriously considering making the changes you did.  I have 1 question.  In looking at your construction pictures, I ran  across one that doesn't "make sense" to me.  It may be an angle, or that I don't know where it is in the house, or something that you changed.  In this picture, there are some joist trusses that extend into the living room.  What are these for?  I don't see them in the finished pictures..


Really a great looking place. We have the 1 1/2 story plan also and like what you have done with yours. I noticed a black dog in one of your photos. Can't tell what breed. It looks similar to a Newfoundland. Just curious about the breed as I have a Newfy.


what a great place.   thanks so much for sharing.  your photos and posting on this site make me anxious to get at it.

im from northern wisconin, near the crandon area.  ill be building my dream cabin (very humble cabin, that is) during the late summer.  

any ideas of about how much you spent on just the framing, walls, and roof...that is, to get it weather tight?  im trying to get the four walls and roof up in a month of full-time work with another guy (my nephew).

thanks again....great place!


Welcome to the forum, crose.  Some have dried it for around 10 to 12M if they were thrifty and did nearly all their own work with volunteer labor.  There are some other bits of information scattered through out the forum.  A search may bring it up.  Use the "Click Search to find a topic quickly - search line -- not the one with the spyglass.


Hey Glenn, thanks so much for the warm welcome.  Wow, hard to believe that such a small place can get one into  10-12k, but actually, I dont doubt it.  Im finishing up a small bathroom/laundary room addition, 8x16 total, and Im already in it well over 10k...not quite done either.  It wipped me out and now the cabin is going to suffer.  The plumbing in the bathroom really killed me :o

I better keep my sights on a smallish cabin for now, lest I get in deeper than I can swim-financially, and have to come home with it not dried.

This is really a great website.  I get so stoked looking through everyones projects.  I will probably be purchasing one of the sets of plans in the near future.  

Cheers, and thanks again for the welcome.


Glad you enjoy the forum - that's our goal.

I spent 10K to remodel a bathroom at the other place years ago.  :o


Hi, Everyone!
Sorry I haven't answered any posts in awhile. I got busy and forgot to check in!! :)  I wanted to answer the question by "Phalynx" regarding the mysterious joist trusses that extend into the living room.  I can't see the picture you are referring to in the post, but I think I know what you are referring to. You are absolutely right that they don't appear in the finished cabin pictures.  These joists were nailed into place and spanned from the loft floor to the front wall and covered in plywood to create a "catwalk" to work on the ceiling area above the open livingroom. After we finished all the ceiling wiring, insulation, and tongue and groove, we removed the walkway.
Hope this clears up the confusion.

PS to Southernisis,  She is a VERY big Black Lab


Hi again! I forgot to post the new pictures of the loft railing and finished stairs. We used Pine and Rebar for this project.
We are currently putting stone on the outside of the chimney and we poured the cement porch on the other side this past weekend. It is approx. 10 feet wide by 34 feet long and we hope to have it covered one day! I will post pictures of these projects as I get them.


Looks great. Did you do anything to smooth/finish the rebar?


The rebar was kind of rusted in spots, we toyed with the idea of leaving it in it's "natural" state, but the rust came off on your hands and clothes when you brushed against it. So basically, we wire wheeled the rust off and spray painted it black.


Sounds like a good way to do it.  Nice contrast with the wood.


Thanks, Glen. We like the contrast of new, satin smooth pine, old rustic barnwood, and a touch of "industrial" rebar. We try to keep things interesting by mixing our materials.


We like it so much, we're talking about adding it in somewhere on our cabin. I'm looking at my cast iron skillet and wondering to myself about a carbonized oil finish...


Let me know if you do that, I would be interested to know how it works out for future reference. Another alternative I have used for other projects is the textured spray paint, I think by Rustoleum. I believe it is called something like hammered iron. We used it to spray paint a gold lamp and some knobs, looked great.


This past weekend, we went to the cabin for a little R&R. When we pulled up, we discovered this little guy curled up in the corner of our chimney bumpout. He was nestled in behind some antlers my husband had propped up against the wall last time we were up. I didn't have my camera with me, but I took this photo with my camera phone. Too cute!!


That's a once-in-a-lifetime picture!
How cute.


That certainly is!  What did the deer do when it saw you?


I am glad you are enjoying this picture. The little one just turned his head (like in the picture) and pretended we were not there. We went to the neighbors to see if they had a camera, when we returned with their camera, it was gone. We looked in the woods for him for a while, but finally gave up.


That is certainly an evocative photo!

A tiny baby protected by the antlers of a dead ancestor...


Nice finished product!!!  If tou don't mind what was the $$ final coast? Did you already have the land?


We bought the land the winter before we started building. We estimate the cost to be roughly $50,000 for the structure. We have not sat down and figured it out yet.  However, we never paid anyone for labor cost, except for the septic field and well. We also shopped around alot looking for deals where we could. One day, we will sit down and go through all the receipts to figure it out (we might be surprised)!


That is a shot (picture) that you could never set up if you wanted to.  Nice. :)


Fawns think you don't see them if they freeze like a statue , this lil guy held the pose for a good 3 mintutes so I could go get the camera.

Last week I had to stop the van on the road cuz one froze up in the middle of the road  :o They think thats there best defence when really little I guess.

BTW your is a great picture with the antlers  8-) Like Glenn said you could never set it up that way with a wild deer.  Thanks for posting it  :)