Started by Jimmy_Cason, May 12, 2005, 10:47:35 AM

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Jimmy... maybe you could host a showing of your house on the "Country Style" show that airs on HGTV. I watch that most mornings hoping for a great cottage/cabin showing to get ideas from and I'll be darned if they don't take me to a New York apartment trying to be what they call country or a backyard in Miami.  I've seen much more appealing interiors on this site!


Checking for spies and Black Choppers --- I run the IP addresses as a batch on a program called IPnetinfo available here--

Highlight all the guests IP addresses on your main page with admin function on-- copy them including comma's -- just the whole block of numbers -- then paste them into IPnetinfo and submit -- it will run the addresses on all of them at once.  Usually groups of them - 6 to 10 appear at once and remain here for quite a while --- or maybe they are government spies------- ;D

Report data example tonight.

1      Succeed      USA - California      INKTOMI-BLK-3      Inktomi Corporation      Yes      Inktomi Corporation       701 First Ave, Sunnyvale      +1-408-349-3300      
2      Succeed      USA - California      INKTOMI-BLK-3      Inktomi Corporation      Yes      Inktomi Corporation       701 First Ave, Sunnyvale      +1-408-349-3300      
3      Succeed      USA - California      INKTOMI-BLK-3      Inktomi Corporation      Yes      Inktomi Corporation       701 First Ave, Sunnyvale      +1-408-349-3300      
5      Succeed      USA - California      INKTOMI-BLK-3      Inktomi Corporation      Yes      Inktomi Corporation       701 First Ave, Sunnyvale      +1-408-349-3300      
6      Succeed      USA - California      INKTOMI-BLK-3      Inktomi Corporation      Yes      Inktomi Corporation       701 First Ave, Sunnyvale      +1-408-349-3300      
7      Succeed      USA - California      INKTOMI-BLK-3      Inktomi Corporation      Yes      Inktomi Corporation       701 First Ave, Sunnyvale      +1-408-349-3300      
8      Succeed      USA - California      INKTOMI-BLK-3      Inktomi Corporation      Yes      Inktomi Corporation       701 First Ave, Sunnyvale      +1-408-349-3300      
11      Succeed      USA - California      INKTOMI-BLK-3      Inktomi Corporation      Yes      Inktomi Corporation       701 First Ave, Sunnyvale      +1-408-349-3300      
13      Succeed      USA - California      INKTOMI-BLK-3      Inktomi Corporation      Yes      Inktomi Corporation       701 First Ave, Sunnyvale      +1-408-349-3300      
10      Succeed      USA - California      GOOGLE      Google Inc.      Yes      Google Inc.       1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View      +1-650-318-0200      
12      Succeed      USA - Virginia      UUNET65      UUNET Technologies, Inc.      Yes      UUNET Technologies, Inc.       22001 Loudoun County Parkway, Ashburn      +1-800-900-0241      
9      Succeed      USA - New Jersey      WASHINGTON-9      Comcast Cable Communications, Inc.      Yes      Comcast Cable Communications, Inc.       3 Executive Campus, 5th Floor, Cherry Hill      +1-856-317-7272      
4      Succeed      Poland      EURONET-BIALYSTOK-PL      Euronet      Yes      Norbert Saniewski      Euronet, 15-666 Bialystok, ul. Powstancow1, Poland      +48 502 773395      


Thanks Glenn - most interesting. Glad you know how to do this kind of stuff... :D


Slowly learning -- I used to do them one at a time -- way too slow then found IPNetinfo. -

Actually I just think it is interesting sometimes to see where in the world our guests are coming from, but then when we get our spammers I know who to complain to and who and where  to block.



I thought about trying to post something negative just to interrupt the flow.



I think many of those reviews came from, what was it, Alexea. They were doing website reviews and I mentioned it in the old forum and several folks wrote a review for them. Looks like Amazon has picked up on this. The full link is below and feel free to write a review yourself!

(Since August 1997 - seems lke just yesterday!  :D)


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Remember back in 2005 when I thought 17 guests and 5 users seemed like a lot of people?

QuoteMAy 12,2005   10:52 am central

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You must be doing something right....... Do you feel the love?

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I feel it Jimmy but could you please post the hippy group hug instead of the big shiny guys?  ;D


Made 2000 yesterday -

We gain a few - lose a few -- but all are valuable members, and even if we don't make it back, we are better for what we have learned and shared with others. :)


Most Users ever online was 217 on Aug 2nd, 2007, 9:28am

We continue to build unstoppable momentum... The only question is, "where are we going?" :-?

PS - Here's an updated link to the Amazon Reviews page for Countryplans customers and forum members to post reviews.


Do we need a direction besides teaching people to do something they previously thought they could not do on their own -- or at least had questions about it. :-?

I hope you don't decide to do a "mission" statement -- they are so full of it, they drive me nuts. ;D


I enjoyed the 200sf contest. Maybe having some more of those contest.


I agree SB. We had a great turnout for that one.

What kind of a contest could be interesting?

• A one story house under 600sf
• The best 1000sf family home
• The house that maximizes these three factors:
...inexpensive and quick to get up.
...expandable and adaptable to different uses
...same building system can be sized up and down



Up to 600 sq. ft. (outside measurements like the tax assessor does)
one story
no loft
no basement
porch areas not counted

:-/ :-/


Maybe a something a little bigger like 600 sf would be fun, but a 1,000 sf would be fun too.  ;D I can sit for hours and hours looking and creating floor plans, it's like crack to me.


So you enjoy Fred's picture too, eh, Stink? ::)


Glenn I am a woman with issues, I am opinionated and yet subject to change my mind at any moment. It's my curse.
Since I have been about 8 years old I have been drawing out floor plans. I do not know why I am slightly taken with space manipulation, balance and flow. Whenever we pack our truck to go off and play or to work, Hog always thinks we have way to much stuff and it wont fit. For what ever reason I can look at a load of all our stuff and mentally pack it. I can visually see that it will fit and it does.

Fred, fred, fred, what does his avatar look like?




Sorry Stink.   :-[

You mentioned that you have issues.  Don't we all -- as soon as you mentioned that design was like crack to you all I could think of was Fred. :(

For some reason while you look at the car and try to pack it mentally, I always look at things upside down and backwards.  Therefore your mention of crack became.....Fred. :-?


My 7 year old suffers from  Fred  :'(,  its cute now but when he get older it will be awful! ;D

I have always seen my floor plans as art.  :D


...and that it is. :)


Hey Stink, I used to draw floor plans all the time while sitting in class - don't remember when I started, probably about the same age as you - what does that say about us?

I can also fit an exceptionally large amount in my cars - I've put large pieces of furniture in my SUV & gone to Costco & bought a cartful of stuff - no one ever believes I can fit it all in.  And my Dodge Stealth - just a hatchback - I've fit an incredible amount of stuff in that too -in fact, I can always pack the shopping cart much better than the people at the check stand can...  :-/  I'm soooo talented...  ::) ;D

And Fred...  that's another issue  :D


So there you have it -- two highly talented and ever changeable female members here on Countryplans.  Hopefully John will get that new contest going so they can display their talents for us all to enjoy.

...and PEG suffers from Fred too.  He doesn't have the problem himself.  He just actually suffers from viewing Fred. :-[ ;D