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Colorado 26X36 - Build has started !

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So what to build and how !

My original plans for the off grid was a dog trot type of construction in stages with the central part having dual 6" insulated opening doors rather than walls on each side with inner windows and french doors, in the winter nights all snug and cosy when required and open in the day to warm the interior.

With the build being staged easily over time

the HOA has added a min 1200sqft building to that original small arrangement.

and an engineered foundation.

So post and beam is out, and a Shallow insulated foundation looks like it will be required, cost increases and staged building then becomes more dificult and or expencive.

So I'm juggling 

temp trailer ( will still require a snow roof to protect it)    and build a 20ft wide T building in 1 slow hit

or a Seperate guest starter cabin, then add a corridor -mudroom connection and then a single 20ft wide for the main house.

Cost is an issue too as we spent the build fund, and i don't want to have a loan so we'll be staged both by time and cash.

Permitting etc and admission to the HOA will take time so in order to break ground next spring or early summer I have to submit in jan or so to have things ready in time.

So I'll be posting some sketchs and plans for comment as we go.

Costs wise do we have a cost estimating thread anywhere ? ie floor by the sq ft - wall by the sq ft etc

So the snows due to shortly arrive, and the last touches have been done,some of the saved large aspens stacked for usage as features
a couple or so bucked into 4ft lengths and a barrier setup.

The HOA surprised me with a 6 month build limit.................its not on the docs registered with the county so I'll either fight or ignore that one when I get to it.

My view would be what ever rules in place on the day of purchase are the ones I have to abide by !

The fall colors are out in force enjoy !


--- Quote from: UK4X4 on September 28, 2010, 11:54:43 PM ---

Any guesses on which furry animal climbed this tree ? we ate all our caniverous animals in England years ago.....Bear maybe ?

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Could be small bear. Sometimes you'll find long slash marks on the bark too. That's when then slide down.

6 months limit? Yikes! Where I'm building in SC, it's 6 months max between inspections. The inspector said I could drag it out for many years if I wanted. Of course, we're on acreage out in the middle of nowhere, without HOA's or even zoning.

S enough of pictures of weeds and dirt onto the design !

some of which are re-posted as I included in my questions over the last few months

The first design was based on the 1.5plans but extended under porches on both sides

Construction was basic using simple form

then i messed with the roof line as snow will basicly cover the garage entries

The design firmed up and the construction changed to platform to allow for more versatility and also standard construction

The design was a winner with loads of room-

Costs however were high and really did we really need so much room in a vacation house
main floor had a large master- two more full building width rooms upstairs and an open loft in the center


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