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Started by peg_688, April 12, 2006, 08:45:41 PM

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Looks like the makings of cabbage rolls to me.

Brown hamburger and onions in a pan.  Add cabbage and cook until soft.  Salt and pepper to taste.

Roll out bread dough (we use frozen roll dough).  Cut into 4" x 4" squares.  Place a tablespoon of filling in the middle and fold from all sides.  Place folded side down on a cookie sheet and cook at 350F until lightly brown on top.  

Rub with butter while still warm.

A favorite of our family!


That really sounds good - There was a bakery here that made them.  Now I'm really hungry.


My grandmother sautes cabbage and sliced apples (NOT Red Delicious  :P ) in bacon grease and adds a bit of brown sugar -- yum!



What--you don't think that red delicious apples are DELICIOUS.

That the fact that they don't cook worth a flip, and get mealy and soft and starchy tasting the minute they are the least bit over-ripe disqualifies them from the use of their name??

Yorks would be better, not always wonderful flavor, but both sweet and crisp even when their skins get a bit wrinkled?  Is that it?



I make the best corned beef ever...Well only because it is the easiest thing to make ever... boil it for 15 minutes and throw it in the stew pot ..after an hour throw in the vegetables and when the veggies are done you are ready to eat...

My wife and I absolutely love corned beef...We eat it whenever we can

Glenn those cabbage are awesome dude!...I mean it...I think you had it all doctored up watered down under special lighting...It looked flawless....You should be proud!


You guys are really making me hungry -- remember the building extreme hunger thread?  I have it. :-/

That picture was taken under the kitchen compact fluorescent light with no flash and the Lumix Camera on either close or macro - I think macro - 5 mega pixel with image stabilization, then uploaded to Photobucket on 640 x 480 res if I remember right - nothing special - about 5 minutes total time.  Still looks good enough to eat.  I guess taking pictures of your food before you eat it must be a special kind of perversion. :-?


depends where your hands are....did I just type that?  :-X



Your mind works differently than mine... I mean my habds have  er.. umm been busy in the past....Cabbage was NOT involved ;)

Do you have issues daddymem?



I hear the part about hunger...I am eating leftover pizza that was cardboard crap last night...What are you going to do when you work all the time and your wife is 300 miles away >:(

I miss eating good in my neighborhood....Thankfully this is the last week-end away from my wife....I am all done at the old place one day this week...And then living full time at the new place... I am going to make a special oatmeal bread and baked beans to celebrate next week-end... I have some nut brown newcastle style beer that should be ready....

I am eager to get back at the new place and work on it....Plus I miss meals with   other people....Food is so very good when it is enjoyed with the people you love :'(

Make sure you do something yummy with the cabbage...I hope that was not ambiguous for perversion...Food... with Sassy.... why did we have to go down this path ;D


Alright guys -- I think I am going to get up close and personal with the rest of the cabbage.  Those cabbage rolls are overpowering my senses.  I have to go get some frozen bread dough and make them. :-/


never made cabbage rolls...

Let us know how they turn out...Might be I will look into making them for the wife...

hehe only 5 days until I get to taste homemade bread and beer....Yes I am counting thedays until I am moved for good.... A couple of old car buddies showed up yesterday in the afternoon and we fenced until it was dark and then went to eat.....Good to have company....Not the same as my wife...

We just wont tell her I miss her ;)

It is 16 degrees here I have been outside fencing the property again this morning and gee whiz it is frosty.....holding the nails is freezing my fingers...*LOL*...Have to get it done today before the county comes and sees any mess...$1100 fine

Have a great week guys...

Enjoy the cabbage rolls


Made them and ate some -- see the Food for thought-Building extreme hunger thread. :)


I went by the feed store the other day and to my surprise they had a few winter vegetables.  I always look but usually they don't have any.  So I bought a six pack of spinach, one of broccoli and one of strawberries - think I forgot to plant the strawberries, but anyway -- getting a head start on the garden this year. :)

Note - we have now eaten nearly 100 cabbage rolls and hope to eat may more before cabbage season is over. :)

Check the wind.


So that's why these storms have been blowing in lately...


Hey, gets me a day off..I ain't sitting in that parking lot called 128.


I guess a little good can come from even the worst situation.  I wouldn't suggest lighting a match though...


Getting excited about gardening..

We have started peppers....they are up through the soil in the laundry room off the back of the house (which is the makeshift greenhouse until the larger one is done.

Bought Some fruit trees today....
Australian and Ruby Red Grapefruit
Persian Lime
Eureka Lemon
Couple different types of orange
Japanese plum
Blueberry plants

the blueberry and japanese plum will go outside...Everything else is headed inside for the greenhouse.

The guy had an amazing yard....I spent a lot of money there...His prices were fair...I need to go back for another load...My wife wants an eucalyptus tree...and she wants a peach tree to go with the pear and plum we already have

Anyone here growing a lot of citrus/fruit trees....Would love some tips...

Been tempting to start the garden.. It has been in the 70's by day and only getting down to the mid 40's at night...Need to wait a little longer to plant...Going to start carrots and potatoes early... they are pretty hardy plants and can take a touch of frost.


Go get em, Peter.  

We have some fruit trees and citrus - I'm no pro.  They don't like to freeze and a drip system on a small timer - even a single hose one insures they get watered as needed.  That's probably about the best tip I have.  



I am nothing of a expert on anything...I see it in my mind and try to make it work... I figure that in winter I need to keep the house 10 12 degrees warmer inside than it is on the outside...

The coldest it got here so far this winter is 22 degrees and it got to 18 degrees here 2-3 years ago...I have been checking with local greenhouse and citrus growers... I can keep it above 32 degrees in the greenhouse without hardly ever turning on any sort of heat...and if I use reflective black plastic I should be able to do it without any source of heat...

As for the warm season....I thought I would install a thermostat which would go to a couple small fans...Got to keep air moving in the greenhouse....

I have not in my mind worked out the sprinkler watering system yet....I thought about just having a watering system where pipe would run ground level and deposit water at the base of the trees... and every night you turn on the tap and let the trees drink

I am sure that a sophisticated timer system that had sprinkers spraying mist in the air would be more effective... I am not sure I want water everywhere in the greenhouse...and I am not much of a plumber....

I cook better than most people I know...Not that I cook fancy dishes...I make cooking simple...Take good food and let their natural flavours come out...

well simplicity is what I want to achieve in the greenhouse... I am sure that there is no limit to the advancement of water and temp control .... I plan to open all the windows in the greenhouse in the spring once there is no frost warning...(March) and to have a couple fans hooked to a thermostat

I am sure I am heading for pitfalls...But seriously...I cannot see it not working...I mean there is a fantastic climate for growing here... As long as I feed the plants with rich soil and keep them watered I cannot see them struggling.

It stinks because there is a year long wait for fruit when you plant the trees.... the citrus trees are three years old and a good size...

We really lucked out meeting the guy with the greenhouse he has a dozen varieties of grapes he grows outside so we can get his exact knowleadge on what grows best here...

With the Oranges we mixed it up....One tree bears fruit over the winter and the other in the summer...there is a small overlap...But we should have Oranges mostly year round....

We looked at some mature trees on his land that he had outside...Small manageable trees outside without any protection that he had were producing 3 bushels of oranges per tree....and they were only 10-12 feet high...

I love marmalade...And fresh orange juice...I hope that with care we can get 4-5 bushels per tree...

I keep telling my wife that we need a juicer....I am a firm believer that if we seriously eat all natural preserves...And drink as much juice as we can stand...That in 25 years there will be not a hint of high blood pressure....or blocked arteries....

Anyone ever see that 88 year old guy.. banana skin george the guy that waterekis on his bare feet and is pushing 90....He swims pulling tug boats or something?...the only thing he says that keeps his joints pain free and his circulation going is the pure juice that he drinks.....

Now if only we could grow enough sorghum to provide us with enough natural sugar...

I have been reading a lot on how our bodies absorb and digest food....white sugar is a stimulant... It actaully makes the body crave more sugar....which is why after eating some cookies we need to raid the cookie jar in 30 minutes or an hour later...

This summer I am taking my bride to Canada to meet my Grandmother...She is going to learn how to make Jams and jellies from the Master......I figure that we can make our own preserves...We will have several types of plum and pear trees......Only one peach...But I planted Pear and apple at the other house that is 4 hours away...And they will be bearing fruit this year

The best part of the green house is that my wife absolutely loves to garden and she loves plants...She gets so much enjoyment from seeing seeds sprout and plants grow... I do not have as much enthusiasm for her herb garden...She wants us to make a lot of our own spices from herbs... I told her she could plant what she wanted and we would try to grind it up and dry it or whatever they do to make the spices... ;)

I just wish I had more land here so I could make the greenhouse twice as large... My old car buddies think I have lost my mind spending time on the greenhouse and gardening....


The quality of the food you grow will be way better than the commercial fertilizer blown up, nutrient free veggies etc. that they sell in the store.

The reason I recommend a drip system and timer is that I am gone for a week at a time some times.  With it on a hot day things stay alive - without it they die in a few days.  Our soil is clay and massive amounts of water don't soak in - they run off.  The best soil you can get is that which you create with composted horse manure - leaves etc. Horse manure is perfect to compost as is.  Other manures need other things.  More straw bedding etc in the horse manure requires more nitrogen - add chicken manure.  All chicken manure - add straw - leaves etc -it needs more carbon.  Water every few days and aerate to maximize its turning to soil.  Done properly it takes only about a month.  Done by leaving it lie takes about a year.  Water only until it is damp.


I have been digging all morning out in the yard....Well that and raking... Stickerball trees are the bane of my existence! I hate stickerballs!!!!!

AnywaysThe soil here is mostly sandy...Black with a lot of sand in it... Looks like potting soil sort of naturally....

I will bring another truck down here next week and go get a load of cow/horse chicken manure...whatever I can get....

I brought a truck down here and I was loving it...worked it daily hauling off brush bringing in loads of clay and sand for my blocks....

A neighbor liked my truck more than me and offered me $800 profit for it....I only had it a week or two....I am a sucker for making easy money like that.... so when I go back up to the mountains I will transfer a plate and start driving my dodge pickup

I agree that it is good to keep things alive... Maybe I could have a watering system based on a simplistic lawn sprinkler... it comes on every night so that way the trees never get completely dried out.

I also went under the house again this morning...I noticed the drains were working funny again....Found another section of rotten black iron pipe... In a 2-3 foot crawl space you know I am just absolutely loving the thought of going in for another pipe repair...

I spent a little extra time down there.....(Which sucks because it is cramped no lights...Musty etc...) and inspected the rest of the pipe...a couple pieces need to be removed and some of the piping is redundant...So it needs to be removed....I figure I better go ahead and do it while the weather is pleasant....

So one day next week I get to spend a day pretending to be a snake on my belly removing pipe and installing new pvc...

The black iron looks so freaky I am just going to remove with grinder.....and replace with PVC or whatever the plasric white pipe is....I think the black plastic pipe is illegal to use now?


Black waste pipe - drain pipe has never had any problems that I know of -- ABS is pretty standard.  Black drinking water pipe on the other hand - soft plastic -- is only legaloutside of the house I think.

If you are talking about taking out old cast iron pipe, you may be able to break it by striking it with a good sized hammer.  Don't get a good one. :-/



I do not want to smack it with the hammer...I do not want to mess with other 60 year old pipe at the present time...Cutting it with the grinder exposing the threads... relief cutting it in the joint will allow me to turn it off by hand without disturbing anything else..

I am sort of mad at myself...Just bent the bar on the chainsaw....cutting a massive tree down and  it got caught up in the branch of another tree came back jammed the saw... bent the bar.... Really ticked me off...

Well when I say massive....I mean for the hobby saw I  bought at walmart...*LOL* 42 cc..... tree was about 2 foot in diameter...

Now I have to go buy another bar.....
I am throwing out the safety chain that the saw came with..They are junk and cut nothing....gotta find the positive here...

Have to try to bring the grinder back down to the new place later this week...Until then bathroom sink is out of commision

Nothing ever goes according to plan....


Have a water hose handy as grinders can throw sparks that can set old dry wood and tinder in the darndest out of the way places on fire.  Sometimes stuff will smolder for hours unseen then flare up in the middle of the night, then it's --dang it--- where'd my house go?