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Started by glenn-k, March 21, 2006, 01:10:36 AM

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Nice job  :) Great hand rail/ guard rail :)

Did Jonni turn those wood knobs ? They seem to match the wood type of the door's :)


I'm pleased you all seem to like our bookcase and cupboards. I just love all the different sizes. After all - books and other stuff comes in all sizes, doesn't it?

No, Jonni didn't turn the knobs himself. We can buy them at the hardware store in packs of half a dozen. You have the choice of pine or Tassie Oak. These are the Tassie Oak ones, and when oiled they come up a pretty good match for the messmate doors, which has all colours through it.

The handrail is part of the balustrades we have all up the staircases and along the top landing (which can be seen from downstairs).

It was made by a local ornamental blacksmith who lives just up the road. We said we'd like bullrushes and this is what he came up with.

Here's one of the photos - but there are quite a few more on the duckpond website, including one of three strong men lifting one of the pieces onto the top balcony!



Very nice  :) It wouldn't comply with our US codes , which states a 4" sphere cannot pass thru any two balister's at any point  ::)

Sort of put's the kibosh on anything ,  ah to creative  ::)

This rail push's the envolpe here,  


I wasn't on site when it got inspected but I'd bet a dollar to a donut that the local insp. measured almost every opening to insure it complied  ::) :'( ;D

Very nice work creative , artistic  , functional ,etc.   love it, keep it up :)

Good job , PEG



The angle from which the photo of the bullrush balustrade was taken may give the impression that there are large gaps in the components. However, I can assure you that its creator, John Blumink, is fully conscious of our strict codes and tested each one of the openings as he was making them.

He knows that the building inspector can bring his little ball to test any suspiciously large openings, and the last thing he wants is to have to gather up his burly friends and family to lift the panels down and take them back to his workshop for modification!!!

We had originally thought of making rustic type timber balustrades, but with so much timber on the walls, plus timber ceilings and the big timber posts, the iron sets off the timber and the timber displays the ironwork well. Also, if we had gone for timber regulations decree that we couldn't have such long spans without support posts to break up the distances, so the iron was a good option.



I worked as a fabricator in a shop, and we made some railings for the boss's son's cabin.  They had tulies, grass, "water", "rocks", and a duck, bear, and fish, in them.  The cabin was in Idaho, and supposedly there is no building code in the area.  Looked fairly similar, just more stuff.  The tulies were my favorite part to make, I always loved running the lathe by hand to turn down steel.
just spent a few days building a website, and didn't know that it could be so physically taxing to sit and do nothing all day!


Here's a old cab. I built around 1986 ish ,


 It's had a hard life for a bit so It's back "home "sort of , I cleaned it up , put on another coat of finish , new handles . looks OK for what it is .

Details ,

 Mock up of the next shop project :

 The right side shows the shape , here the wood ,


 Quarter sawn Red Oak , it will be stained a light Walnut sort of color ro match some older stuff where it will live  :)

 BTW the pine cab is a surprise for my wife when she gets home from Fl. next week , don't tell her ;)

Unless she's watching from a far(ie Lurking ) , ya never know  ;)
When in doubt , build it stout with something you know about .


That's a really handsome corner cabinet, PEG... that was one of the things I was always looking for in a house I used to have - space saving, holds lots of knick knacks & books.  What is the size of the other shelf you are planning?  

Cecilia, I love your railing & built in bookcases.  I was showing people at work way back when you posted that, they really liked it.  

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What is the size of the other shelf you are planning?  


It's about 36" in height and 19" at the base in width. It's going to house collectable "Hummells" (sp) :) Little doll like deals , porcelain I think :-/


My dad brought some Hummels back from Germany for my mom - she has a collection - I think I might have broken one - one of us kids did anyway, don't remember if it was me, though.  They are really nice - can't hardly afford to buy one now...  :-/


Jeesh you broke a Hummell and your Dad's wooden ruler and you lived  :o :o ;)


My dad was pretty easy on us girls...  ::) - still don't remember if it WAS me that broke it...  :-/ (the Hummel, that is, I know I broke at least 1 ruler...) it was always fun to play in the tool shop.   :)


I can't remember if I broke my mom's ruler or if she grabbed it out of my hands and oiled it.


When in doubt , build it stout with something you know about .

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QuoteNice -- simple, functional and stout. :)

 Yup only 4 mortised joints  ;)
When in doubt , build it stout with something you know about .


Quarter sawn Red Oak corner cabinet.

No finish/ stain.


After stain :




 Spindles any one ?


Couldn't matchum at the lumber yard so I turned um ;)


You running a copier, PEG, or pure skill?  Nice job. :)

Some day I'll get the Shopsmith going and turn something.  It's been years though.


QuoteYou running a copier, PEG, or pure skill?  Nice job. :)


 Duplicators are for kids and the rich  ::), I use a combination of dumb luck, and the ever present brute strenght and pure ignorance essential in every good carpenter ;) Thanks , PEG  :)


Has anyone done a Murphy bed? Thinking about doing that for extra sleeping room for guests, but have it out of the way when it's not needed....basically I was thinking it would be a big cupboard, with a matress on some sort of platform and hinge setup.....

Cecilia, I love that Iron railing, and the cupboards.


Hi Shawna

Glad you liked our railings and cupboards. We had our final inspection a couple of weeks ago and the building inspector carefully measured all the gaps in ALL the railings, plus the heights - fortunately they were were all spot on!

My husband finds that building cupboards and bookshelves with different level shelves in adjacent sections is much easier than having them on the same levels as you can 'get at them' from the next section of cupboard.

I'm quite happy about this as I want higgledy piggledy cupboards and shelves right through my studio when we work our way that far down on the list of jobs.

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Cecelia, your home looks wonderful!  Just looked through a lot of the new postings - Jonnie has done such a beautiful job on the shelves & all the wood work & your garden is lovely.  

Peg, great job on the Hummell knick knack shelf, & your posts turned out really good!  


You will know the truth & the truth will set you free


Couple of hall tables , Babinga , walnut , red oak, maple plugs :


 Both tables shown at the Whidbey Island Woodworkers Guild show in Bayview , Wa.