DIY Foam Insulation?

Started by chatycady, August 27, 2006, 08:55:03 PM

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Has anyone purchased and used the new DIY foam insulation? Just wondering the do's and don'ts and if it is a messy project and do those nozzles they provide really work?  Any info would be appreciated.

Chatycady :o :o


Do you have a link or some more info?  Where can I find it?

I need to insulate my metal building.  I've been looking for alternatives to kraft paper rolls because of moisture.

I was thinking "How many cases of 'Great Stuff' would it take?"



After a quick search "DIY foam insulation"

The following looks promising. Though I'm surprised that neither of the people in the pictures is wearing protective gear. It looks like they are also promoting a 1" thick foam install with batts on top. Something I hadn't heard before. I guess you get the air barrier from the foam (plus 6-7 R value per inch with their product)

Their kits don't seem to cover much volume, especially for the price.

I'll keep looking, maybe there are others


Here is a link to a promising product:

A soy based spray foam insulation
• R-4 per inch
• air barrier and vapor barrier
• Does not appear to be installable by home owners.

Note: Because most foams have a very high expansion rate they require some serious training and practice to do right. How many of us can use a can of polyfoam under full control and without wastage? Not me! :D


Here's another option

"Its basic raw material components are air, water, and cement..."


I was looking at the Tiger website too, but wondered if it would work, or be easy to install. Since I'm from soybean country, I may check into the soy insulation product.... Thanks all.


When I was digging for this thread, I found another forum where they said the soy was mostly still petrol based. I wonder in the soy is just enough for marketing purposes...


Here are a couple more...

I have a third link at home but that might be for the Tiger site.

The DIY kits are expensive and probably only make financial sense for insulating a fairly small area... 100 or 200 sq ft.


Thanks for the info,,, I think I'll call a proffessional!


I've talked to my local (he's not far, amazingly) BioBased guy--in John's link with the photo--it sounds like it would be fine for me, but they only sell through trained installers.  And we didn't get as far as talking price.


The third vendor link I have is

The DIY spray foam kits seem to be about twice as expensive (or more) per R-value than XPS foam board, which in turn costs about twice as much per R-value as EPS foam board. One option for owner-builders might be to insulate with foam board and then use a spray kit just to fill the gaps and seal the edges.

Putting fiberglass batts under the foam might work ok in most places but could be a disaster is some areas. I'm thinking particularly of cold humid locations like coastal Alaska. Humid air can pass through the fiberglass and the moisture could condense on the foam surface if it is significantly cooler than the inside air.