Maine Mountainside 20 x 32 cabin

Started by MaineRhino, September 30, 2007, 07:09:38 PM

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Finally weather tight! That big window was very heavy and tough to move up the mountain! What a great feeling it is to have it buttoned up and locked! The wood stove will have to wait until next weekend.



What a beautiful view  you have.  Thanks for showing us the progress.  That big front window looks like it was well worth the effort.  


Incredible progress!  Beautiful area, I like the windows, too!


Thanks Sassy!  We have two more windows to go. One on the side is an oval. It will be at the bottom of the loft stairs.
The other is a 72" wide half-round with grids which will be centered in the front wall up high. I need to finish framing the wall. Here is a pic of the framing for that window.



Just a guess but I bet MaineRhino builds houses for a living. Nice work by the way.



Thanx Scott, but I'm hardly a carpenter, although I did have 2 years of Building Trades (Carpentry) @ a tech school in Ohio. That was 22 years ago. I know enough to get by with....., and sometimes enough to get in trouble with!    :-? LOL!




what an amazing view....... :o


Getting things buttoned up for winter. This was today's view. More snow coming soon!


Yo Rhino,

Bet you'll be using a different method in the future to check if the pit is filling up (ha!).  Outhouses are legal in many states, including WI, MN, and WA (personal experience).  Several state ag extension services, usually connected with land grant universities, have informational brochures available on how to build and locate them.  I also built the outhouse for my cabin in my garage and hauled it to the site.  But, I designed it to just fit in the bed of the truck to be hauled over assembled.  Used 2 x 3's and screws to make it plenty sturdy and lighter.  Did have to use my small tractor's hydraulic bucket to load it.  Built the base from treated 2 x 6's that were cut and notched in garage, but assembled at site.  Roof panels were also installed onsite.  A little tip on outhouse use: leave your wallet in the cabin before heading out there.

Those are some sturdy floor joists, at fairly close spacings, that should make the structure very strong indeed.



When are you putting the collar ties in  :-?

Looks GREAT!


I was told the collar ties were not required, as the 20' loft beam ties the walls together, as well as the two 20' hemlock pieces that are installed.

If anything, I may use short ties as high as I can put them. This may also help with the finished ceiling installation.   All of that would be done in the spring of 08', as it will be too wet or snowy until May or so, depending on the winter.

I've been given conflicting advice on the ties.  Does anyone here have advice or opinions on this matter?



We managed to get into camp on Saturday. So glad to see it still standing! ;D

Too far to walk (or too lazy perhaps), so we cheated. Got 4 of us with cooler and lunch up there in no time!

glenn kangiser

I don't think I would have walked either.  Still standing is good.
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Thanks Maine Rhino for the ride.  Can't wait to start our cabin this Spring! ;D


 [cool]  It was our pleasure! We look forward to watching your progress too! This forum is full of information about all aspects of building cabins. Some of it is useful too!  ;D


Finally getting back to camp after a too long winter! Extended the loft by 3' and built the stairs last weekend.

One more center post to install in the loft, then railings will be built.

We had a large moose walk by the camp while we were there on Sunday!   [shocked]


What did you extend your loft for?  I'm guessing you got to think'in over the winter and decided it needed to be bigger.  Thats what I love about the flexibility of these neat little buildings and time line of these projects.  You can design as you go and change as needed without a huge impact in most cases.  I have a large walk in closet upstairs and down stairs and I still haven't decided which one to make into the bathroom. :P


It was mostly to allow for the stairs to land directly on the loft, instead of having a landing at the top of the stairs, then stepping up to the loft.
Structurally it worked out better too.  Also, we wanted there to be as few posts as possible, leaving the view as open as we can.

And yes, the design is constantly changing!


More projects completed over July 4 vacation week!

Front porch posts and roof done. Needs to be shingled, but it's covered with watershield.

Oval window installed...

Front half-circle window installed!  What a difference it makes!

And finally, sunrise on Sunday.


Awsome view. doing a nice job.


Looking great. Gotta love progress. That's a million dollar view you got there.  :)



This looks amazing! Great job so far!

I'm jealous you have so many helpers! :)


More done this weekend.

Front steps finally installed

Also finished the first section of railing. Only 3 more sections to go!!!   d*