Maine Mountainside 20 x 32 cabin

Started by MaineRhino, September 30, 2007, 07:09:38 PM

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Fantastic project.  Very impressive.

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We finally made it back to camp this weekend! Two months away is too long. There was about 18-24" of snow, but we made it no problem.
Somehow the front door had blown open, but no critters were inside. A few mouse poo's but nothing else.

Deadbolts are now on my shopping list.    d*

My son Josh did all the driving.

We also brought our neighbors so they could stay at their camp too. We can't wait to get back! :)

Alberta Curt

How do you like the Rhino?  We're thinking of getting one.  Do the snow tracks work well?


The place looks great.

Can you explain how the grey water system was built?
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QuoteHow do you like the Rhino?  We're thinking of getting one.

We love it! Very stable, drives like a truck (steering wheel, pedals...), carries a load, receiver hitches front & rear, winch, etc.....

QuoteDo the snow tracks work well?

Yes, only had trouble one time getting to our property. Dry snow on an icy road, uphill = no go. I also have a 4 wheeler and a snowmobile, but I prefer the Rhino.


QuoteThe place looks great.

Can you explain how the grey water system was built?


The grey water system was engineered for two sinks and one shower/tub. That was the minimum code requirement.
If we were 300' downhill, we would be in the next county, and NO permits or inspections are required.  d*

It was 3' x 32' long, and sits on course, gravelly sand with a transitional layer under that. Then covered with infiltrators with a 3 degree grade.
He had lots of rocks, stumps and roots to dig out. Just to get the backhoe in I had to clear lots of trees, but now we have a place to put our screenhouse!


Looks great thanks.

Sorry about your run in with permitting.

Is that Franklin County that has no permitting or zoning?  It would be good to know for future reference ;)
Give me a place to stand and a lever long enough,  and I will move the world.


Carthage has no permitting or restrictions.


yeah, i think Carthage is in Franklin county.  thanks.
Give me a place to stand and a lever long enough,  and I will move the world.


Permits and restrictions will vary from town to town. I was told by the inspector that Carthage has no permit procedure.

On ours, they only wanted to know our setbacks, and where the wetland was, if any.  We were free to build anything we wanted, as long as we pay taxes on it.  :P


Did they ask you for drawings or do any inspections on the building?
Give me a place to stand and a lever long enough,  and I will move the world.


No, just the engineered grey water system drawings.  The inspector just happened to be able to do engineered drawings of septic systems, and offered his services to us for a price.  Of course, we used him.  Made the process go very smoothly...... [waiting]


hmm how are the zoning laws around there? I may be getting a job in Oxford, and moving up that way?

From my research so far unless a town has its own laws, or is in LURC territory there seems to be no permitting or zoning?

(looking at putting up a bunch of rental cabins)


The best bet would be to contact the town in which you are looking to relocate. Each town is different, even LURC has restrictions, as well as some sort of permit system.

Good luck with the rental cabins, and congrats on the job in Oxford. This county is very poor, and they are in the process of getting voter approval on a new casino in Oxford.  If that passes, my house will be for sale.

Wanna buy a house?   ;D


sorry to hear about the casino news..  it seems that so many counties / states are looking to that option to get them out of the current economic jam..  it seems like a short term solution to me..   
  it would be a shame to see you give up your house after so much work!  where would you go?    of course, the flip side is that it would be a wonderful opportunity to build another one!!   good luck


My house will be for sale, NOT my camp!  d*  (I'm not crazy!)   

Same county, but Oxford county is over 2,100 sq.mi. in size, so we will be able to hide away in comfort.

Are you sure you don't want to buy my house?   LOL


ok.. now i have it straight.. that makes sense!   i used to own a place in maine..  little town called washington.   i would love to have some land there now, but we need to focus our resources on the house that we are building here in PA...  ultimate dream would be a small farm - maybe even off the grid -  near some water would be an added bonus!   you are doing a great job, by the way!   :)

das fisch

very nice. I'm in the early stages of selling my camp in upstate NY and either buying an existing camp or building my own in western Maine as well. I live down in York so the drive would be greatly reduced.
did you have any issue getting the camp insured (if you did) with it built on pier/posts?
I love the site you're on, but I think the family would prefer to be closer to the lake, but we'll see.
who'd you go thru to buy the parcel?


No issue at all with the posts. It's a dwelling fire policy with limited coverage. Structure only with no contents coverage. As soon as I get the outside railings done i'll be able to extend it with vandalism and malicious mischief coverage.  Liability coverage has been extended from our homeowners policy.

We found our land through the Maine Sportsman magazine. There are also other ways, such as loggers, classifieds, auctions, craigslist, and other places.
There is a lot of land for sale up here. We are currently looking for 20-30 acres too.
Last summer we passed on a remote 70 acre piece at an auction. It went for around 35K.  d*



Everything is looking great. Love the handles and hickory cabinets from Lowes, great choice for the money. I'm about to put in my leechfield soon as well. Trying to get the area for it ready, its tough though because I like to drive the backhoe near where the leechfield will be  d*

das fisch

will be looking at a shell already built with well and septic up not that far from you, Avon. also checking out a few more, one down in Carthage. no chance of power lines run in (1.7miles in, unplowed in winter)
so thinking about power solutions, first and foremost how to run well pump.
What did you do about water and power? read thru, might have missed it.


We carry in our water for now. There is a spring at the back of the property, but the elevation is lower than the camp. Will most likely put in a pump and pump uphill to a storage tank. I'll use a gas powered pump.

Currently using a generator hooked to the camp, which is all wired of course.  12v and solar is on the agenda, but not a priority at this time.


das fisch, this may be of interest; mabey an alternative solution?
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We have a spring on our property. One cabin will be at -30ft, another at +20ft and one at +140ft elev. from the spring. We plan to use something like this to fill ~100gal tanks in each cabin and then use an RV pump to pressurize the cabin.  We can turn it on and in about an hour it will fill the storage in a cabin.

Solar Pump

Elevation/GPM Chart

It will run off the batteries/panels at the nearby +20 cabin.


Thanks so much for those links!  While not a priority to install, it will be nice to have the system designed at least. [cool]