Maine Mountainside 20 x 32 cabin

Started by MaineRhino, September 30, 2007, 07:09:38 PM

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John Raabe

What a nice spot to have a picnic with the dog. :D :D :D
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Here is the 2X4 railing that I had mentioned earlier.


Very nice, MaineRhino!  You've outdone yourself...   8)

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glenn kangiser

Really looking good, Rhino.

I see you have been shopping for cool logs too.
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Glenn's Underground Cabin

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Yes Glenn I have!  I happened to find these this weekend so I could finish the porch railings.

I was up just after sunrise for this pic, and was lucky enough to call in a turkey. No picture of him though, he saw me and went the other way. Tomorrow is opening day for turkey in Maine. I'll be back on Saturday with my permit!


The turkey came back on Sunday, but was nowhere around on Saturday morning when my son was hunting!

My wife took this pic early Sunday morning.

We also dug the holes and poured concrete getting ready for the posts for the shed. Then it rained and was pretty cruddy the rest of the weekend.

Saturday sunrise...

Sunday was spent relaxing (for a change).


Progress at the mountain seems to be very slow lately, due to all the rain and missed opportunities, but a recent week long semi-dry stay at camp seems to have gotten the ball rolling again!

The storage shed is finally built and dry,

All windows and doors are trimmed...

Lobsters are sleeping...

And now that the camp is empty, it's time for the clear poly to be applied! But that's next weeks job.
Then the cabinets, flooring, stone work, gray-water system, etc..., etc.....


And I also managed to take some nice pictures while we were up there....

Sunrise 7/11/2009

Storm rolling in....

And Zoe, posing...

Alberta Curt

Looks awesome Rhino! Can I ask what you used to install your pine on the interior?  Doing mine soon and I'm not sure what to use.

Alberta Curt


It was 1x8 T & G V-match #3 pine.  My sawmill grades 1,2,3,4a and 4b.  We thought the #3 was perfect!  I'll post pics soon of the completed poly process.

Alberta Curt

Thanks Rhino.  I wasn't clear with my question  :D.  Did you use a brad nailer to install the pine?  If so, I have a couple of questions:

1.  What size nail?
2.  Do you nail into the tongue or just into the board?
3.  Do you nail into every stud or every other stud?

Appreciate the help



I don't know what MaineRhino did, however I used my Senco finishing nailer with 15 ga. nails through the tongue and into each ceiling joist (16" OC). I used 2" length, partly because I had a nearly full box and they were definitely long enough to secure the T&G when nailed at an angle. The only boards I face nailed were the first one where I face the nailed the groove edge as well as nailing the tongue. Then the last 2 boards; the second to last as I could not angle the gun into the tongue and the last board where the tongue was removed to fit. Those nail holes were mostly covered by the trim strip.

I believe nailing through the tongue works for widths up to 6", over that face nailing may be required.
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I did pretty much like MD did. I'll have to double-check the width of those boards.....

The poly should be done this week!


Quote from: MaineRhino on July 27, 2009, 10:20:51 AM
I did pretty much like MD did. I'll have to double-check the width of those boards.....

I'd guess them to be "6" inchers.

Did I say it looks good?   :D
Just because something has been done and has not failed, doesn't mean it is good design.


Wow troy , looking amazing man, great job. When I'm moved up there, I'll have to come by and check it out in person!


The v-match pine was 1x8, which left a 7" face from V to V.  It was nailed thru the tongue and face nailed at the seams.


Well. two coats of poly later...... It's finally nearing completion. Or at least closer than before!

3 sanded coats were done on all the window trim.

Finished one side of the upper railings. One side to go!

Sanded, stained and applied poly to the loft floor also.

Purchased all of the cabinets, installed the two on the wall.

Next weekend the base cabinets will go in, and the floor will be installed.

See the faces in the right side door?


Rhino did you find your loft floor side of your T&G not fitting together as well as the ceiling side.  I stained mine dark and I can see now that it will be a nightmare to keep clean with the gaps. ;D


Where did you get the kitchen Cabinets?
Pittsburgh Pa for home

Tionesta Pa for Camp


The loft floor side did not lay as flat as I would like. I should have face nailed it, but I did not want to see the nail heads. In our case, we purchased a 9x12 piece of berber carpet which I had bound on all 4 sides. It lays under the bed, and covers the majority of the floor.

Lowe's just started with this line of hickory cabinets. I did get two other bids from local cabinet shops who promised they could come close to the price at Lowe's. Their price was roughly double what I paid at Lowe's!

You get what you pay for.

Since this is a seasonal camp, I decided not to go with custom cabinets.  For a full time residence, I would not buy the Lowe's brand.

John Raabe

Very nice looking job MR!

I remember my first project where an owner/builder/friend installed 2x6 T&G Hemlock for a loft floor. The material was a bit wet when installed and they weren't able to use long pipe clamps to pull it together. After it had dried out for a year there was one special spot where the gap had opened up enough that the kids would see if they could drop dimes down on top of a guest. :D
None of us are as smart as all of us.


On Saturday we managed to install the entire floor and the cabinets. We are short one 12" base cabinet by the end of the bar. The bar side will be finished with the same materials as the wall, 1x8 T&G V-match.

The countertops will be wood with live edge.

On Saturday we also installed the railing for the stairs. I have some more shaving, carving and sanding to do, but it is very secure.  What a job that was!  I'm looking forward to finishing it! I also have one more section of upper birch railing to build.


Looking at your snack rack made me hungry. Nice job btw.  :)


Really like those hickory cabinets.   [cool]

Nice job on the handrail too.


One more base cabinet in, but ran out of 2.5" screws to install. Also finished the bar wall. None of the base cabinets are screwed to the floor, allowing for the laminate floor to move.
I'll build the countertop myself, maybe. I got a quote of $2,200 for the one I designed.

I also finished the last railing upstairs! Hooray!
Maybe next weekend i'll start on finishing the tree/rail. I need more tools for that.