20x30 Western Maine

Started by RIjake, May 07, 2011, 02:18:42 PM

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Well I figured that it was about time that I started my own thread for my build.  The clearing has begun and work will continue in earnest throughout the summer so stayed tuned to this station for updates!

I thought that I'd throw up a few scenic shots and raw land shots so that you can all get a feel for the area.

These two are views from the back part of my land.  This is not where the house will be but is a short walk from it.  If you look around the middle of the picture and to the right a bit, that is the house lot.  We have a beautiful ledge with a peak that is behind the house.

The next few shots are where the house will be. 

This shot is our temporary camping area.  We camped here last summer.  Mud season in full swing!

Here's a couple shots of the house lot.

Still some trees to take out and plenty of slash to burn!

Next weekend we start the road.  I got a CAT 311 rented and a buddy who is an operator coming up.


 w*  looking forward to seeing your progress!

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I'm excited about watching your progress. I'll be starting my own build thread very soon. Thanks!
Click here to see our 20x30 and here to see our 14x24.


Great looking land! We're at about the same point- some smaller trees have been felled, and a clean-up done. I should be starting the first building (a barn) next month. I'm looking forward to watching your progress.

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das fisch

nice view. what town are ya in? I have a place over in Avon and I know there's a few others on here from the western mountains.


Hi there.  Glad you started a thread.  Great piece of land!  My project is over in Wyman Twp (between Sugarloaf and Stratton).  I hope you get some good building weather this summer.  Good luck! 
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We're in Temple, just west of Farmington.

I hope we get good building weather too.  I was up Saturday with an excavator and got alot done but the wet weather is slowing progress.  The mud season is still on unfortunately.  I think the road is going to slow us done a bit. :-\


Here's a few pics from yesterday

The clearing continues with stumps and slash

We managed to drag the container on the land as well!  You can see the CAT 311 way in the background.  It blew a hydraulic hose late Saturday.  Today was a washout anyway, plus the rental company gave me a credit for the day for the blown hose.



excited to follow your project!
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Wednesday and Thursday I worked with a buddy (he happens to be my neighbor as he bought the land right next to mine.)  I'm going to let him use the road to access his property until he can do his road.

Things are starting to dry out so I got a skid-steer for two days and laid 72 yds of material.  Most of it was over Geo-mat.  For those unfamiliar with geomat it's a woven polypro product that acts as a soil separation and allows you to use half the thickness of gravel or whatever your surface material is.

We finished about half the road to my house site.  The road is 1100' long.

Here's some pics


Geotextiles work great, we've brought heavy loads across areas where we've sunk trucks prior to installing it. The downside is be careful plowing, it makes a mess when you hook it.


yep textile is great, make sure to bury the ends well, as he said, it is hell ive you catch it.


Ok, now things are really progressing!

Here's two shots of the well rig

Foundation was started today.  As some may remember from another topic, I've gone back and forth between post and piers, pads and a frost wall foundation.  Well, I settled on the foundation, no slab, just crushed over the vapor barrier.  It's 4' down and will be a crawlspace accessed by a hatch.  I know I'll be glad that I popped for the foundation down the road.

I'll be going up at the end of the week with a rental excavator to grade off the lot and move the connex to a different location.

First lumber delivery scheduled for the 25th then it's nail banging time!  My schedule at work just changed yesterday so it gives me 5 days off in a row.  I had 4 previously but this is even better, plus the timing couldn't have been better.  I like to set a schedule for myself to stay motivated so my plan is to have the camp tight to the weather before the snow flies.

Stay tuned, more pics next week of the foundation.

das fisch

looks like good progress to me. do you mind if I ask how far you ended up drilling down, and possibly what he charged you? our shallow well, not far from you. is just that; shallow, with a static level that seems to be only about 3ft up from bottom. if this doesn't work we'll be drilling too.


He may be just finishing up today, when he's done I can tell you exactly.


Well head.  The total depth is 200', there's 65' of casing and it produces 20+gpm

Standing on the A/B corner

Standing along the B side


Here's some updated pics from the last few days.  The foundation is complete with vapor barrier and gravel for the floor, the back filling is done as well.  I saved $1000 by foregoing the concrete.  The trench from the well head to the house was dug, water line and wire for the pump were run in pvc conduit, into the cellar and back-filled.

as the water line and wire were being laid

First load of lumber is scheduled for Thursday and I'll be building by the end of the week!


Looks great.  How tall are the concrete walls? 

You are lucky, it looks like you have good drainage for that road.


The walls are 4'.

Yes once you get below that first 6-8" of loamy peat that Berkshire soil drains great! 


Also this past week I got a price for my septic.  At $6100 it is going to break the budget.  ??? So now I'm looking at a gray water system and a composting toilet or possibly a privvy.  The privvy is allowed not sure about the gray water system yet.

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RIjake.... I really envy you with such a wonderful view of the surrounding hills. This is a great location for a cabin. I'll be following this thread and look forward to your updates
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$6100 for a septic is insane!!!!!
beautiful lot ....i love maine.....
always enjoy fall up there........
any color in the leaves yet????


You seem to have very good soil.  I wonder why it is so much?  Is it a conventional septic?  If so, I would shop around.  The conventional septic ones aren't brain surgery.   Dig level trenches, install pipes, fill with gravel.


For a seasonal spot, I would (and have!) go the gray water route. Much less expensive. I like the idea of composting toilets, more so than a conventional septic system.  [toilet]

Get the book "Humanure", it explains alot!


The contractor showed me his numbers.  I believe whats causing the high price is the Elgin system that the septic design calls for.  I think that his labor and excavating was about $1700 and the rest was materials.
I have a call into my engineer, he led me to believe that the Elgin was going to save me money!