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Cecilia said:

--- Quote ---I was actually wondering if it would be appropriate to ask for ideas on some 'non mainstream' furniture like bookcases and cupboards etc. Sometimes people seem to be able to create such lovely rustic and functional stuff.
--- End quote ---

I said sure -it's all part of what makes a house a home.  Anybody can buy particle board furniture.  How about your special creations - rustic to fancy

Here is one I did - it's been seen here before but is appropriate for this topic.

The pine table folds up against the post when not in use.  I used piano hinges and fit the size to the available space.  When lowered the bottom remains attached to the post, the leg flops out to stand vertically and both leaves flop down to make a table about 4' x 4' square.

Nice, PEG --just what she was looking for.  I knew you would come up with some great stuff.  I'll try to get a few more original photo's in soon - much more rustic but functional - that's me. :)

Nice work, the woods you chose really brought out the beauty in the pieces...  I remarked to Glenn about the craftsmanship...  Glenn said "Peg's is craftsmanship, mine's crapsmanship!"   Being a log cabin, ours is the more "rustic" look but I really like it.   :)

PEG...I am very impressed. You can send that small table my way any time...  ;)...BTW, I have access to some dried log pieces that have been halved, so that one side is very flat and somewhat smooth ( they are at a pallet factory here). I want to use a few of them to make a bar top. Do you think it would be easy or worth it to build some kind of base and attatch them on top, then epoxy the top surface ? The bottoms are still round and have the bark, don't know if that would make it hard to sit on a base or not.


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