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Does anyone have any experience with these? I'm very interested in buying or building one. Of course, all the manufacturers tell you the tub kits you can buy are worthless, and you just have to buy their setup, so they aren't the best source of info.

I already have an abundance of cedar (the area we live in is called Cedar Creek Lake), and a mill that saws logs on the halves. I'm thinking this is the perfect edition to my set up!

I have been around them a few times.  A friend has one but he purchased it 2nd hand and the previous owner had welded the rings and their was no adjustment.  He ended up on buying new rings to tighten the staves together to keep it from leaking.  Unfortuneately he passed away before he could get them installed.  I hope his son repairs it as his father enjoyed his soak time.  It takes some getting used to firing it from the top. No circulation of the water other than a paddle or human power.  The biggest downside that I can see is keeping the water at the correct balance in the PH, alkalinity and filtering.  Unlike other hot tubs there is no water circulation but even this could be overcome with a little inginuity.

If you decided to build one of course there is a special joint and angle of the wooden staves and the metal rings are not cheap.

Well, there is a design that I found that the water circulated itself. Its not strong jets like a regular jacuuzi, but it's something.

Here's a kit that logosol has-

I don't have any experience with it, but like the other logosol products I've used.

Bailey's is now selling the logosol products in the US so you'd have to check there to see if it was available.

I plan on a Rubbermaid 150gal water trough...

...and a Chufu heater...

...finished like this.

Going to be a wedding anniversary to the missus.


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