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Sorry for this -

Brief nudity depending on how long you look ---

Building related pix also.

I finally stopped laughing long enough to be able to make this post.   ;D ;D  I think the Redneck Highrise is where they got the idea for the Clinton Library.
And how about that doorbell button!!   :o

I'm glad you posted that, Don.  It cracked me up too, but I was thinking maybe it was a little to wild for us here since no one had posted anything on it, so I was about to get rid of it.

At least two of us (and my wife) are crude enough to think it was cool. ;D

The "Clinton Library" one we've seen before.  IIRC Daddymem challenged us to say how it was done.

But I loved the skunks.

And sent the whole silly thing widely--if mostly to people with a fast internet connection.

I was wondering about how they did the highrise.  :-? Did anyone come up with a feasible answer?

And the skunks are precious.


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