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[size=12]  So who plants what , and when do you plant/ time of year?

  I have  about 1/2 of the veggies in , spinach, lettuce 3 or 4  kinds  , radishs 2 types ,and  walla walla sweet onions Planted before 12 April :)

  Still to plant this month bush beans , peas, more strawberries plants , potatoes reds and white , maybe
 a row of kohlrabis if theres room ::)




  So whats in your garden?  8-)

Nice garden and good topic, PEG.

Our conditions are pretty mild so lots of plants grow year round.  Volunteers and year round are Carrots, Swiss chard, parsnips, broccoli, cauliflower, fennel.

I planted peas a month ago--they don't seem to be very happy.  And the mustard greens and turnips may have had too much mulch on them--hey, it's been in th low twenties since then.  We've had rain, which a friend in South Arkansas has not.

going to get tomato plants in the next few days.  We had frost last week, so, better to leave them in the grower's greenhouse than have to buy them too early.   Probably the last of the frost, though.  Sun sugars and maybe Bradleys.  They got blight last year.  And I didn't water them enough.  

Asparagus--I'm beginning to think the people are right who say it won't grow here--I think I'll put tomatoes in that bed too.  The new plants are showing no signs whatsoever of coming up, the old ones still can't be harvested--they're three years old now.

Horseradish, in its own little bed, seems to be growing.  As is one of the Rubarb plants.

I'm being told that the least awful way of dealing with the 5-acre field up the hill is going to be to bulldoze it.  The last time it was plowed, it wan't disked afterwards so there are 12"-18" ditches all over it.  Plenty of blackberries, not to mention an incipient privet thicket.

In any case the bush-hog people won't touch it.

I got some fancy daylilies, and one of the dogs ate them.  And promptly threw up (the same dog that ate the chopped onion--seasoned with my blood--while I was at the doctor's office getting my finger stitched up).

I love my dogs.  Especially that one, notorious for that kind of thing. ::)

I just can't resist joining in when anyone talks gardening!

We have a special area set aside behind our garage which will be Jonni's vegetable garden - the water tank is already up there waiting to be installed! Two slight problems:

1. Jonni has never grown a vegie in his life.
2. He says he's not going to grow anything he doesn't like to eat - so no use looking forward to beetroot, cauliflower and a few others.
3. We still have a heap of work to do on the house, so he doesn't like to take time off to make up the beds for the vegie garden.

Oh - that's three isn't it?

Anyway - in between holding up bits of timber and oiling walls and sticking tiles on walls, I sometimes manage to escape into the garden.

I've just planted about fifty 'things' on the north side of the house - all nectar providing flower which will bring the birds, and many silver leaf plants which are supposedly less combustible (high bushfire area here). The whole garden is planted with Australian plants which get no water once they are established.

I also sneak in a couple of plants from which I make paper - papyrus, flax, and a few others.

Well - that feels better!

That sounds like a nice garden--50 things in silver.  No watering needed.

Is papyrus a relatively low-water plant?  


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