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Glenn's Underground Cabin Update

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Looks good.  
No insulation problems there, I guess?


glenn kangiser:
No real problems- most is surrounded by dirt with 18" of dirt and horse manure on the roof- the parts that stick out have either straw bales at about R50 or used 2 1/2 inch celotex at R22 I think.  Usually above 50F with no fire even if freezing or below outside.  
Summer here stays above 80F at night for several weeks but as I get things more finished nights are cooler  inside then too.

I'm probably the only guy you know that will die being inundated with horse manure if his project fails.  I can see it all now.  Everybody will be standing around in a circle with their heads down then Jonesy will get philosophical again to make everyone feel better as he says, "Crikey mates, at least he died happy doing what he wanted to do.  He always said he wanted to be smothered in horse manure when he died.  I think he lost the will to live when John censored the male enhancement adds from the forum."  

Glenn ;D

John Raabe:
Great photos Glenn! Thanks for the update.

Quite the place - it should go on the historic registry after you are gone. Love that cob stair.

I hope I never have to do the "as built" drawings so the building inspector can issue an occupancy permit.

glenn kangiser:
If I ever get industrious the cob stairway may get a earth plaster coat that is a bit more durable but it has been holding up quite well and is not much problem to repair.  The oak limb handrails were set in straw reinforced soil cement in places and drilled with a rotohammer and set on steel pins in others.

I hope you don't have to do an as built either - but before that happens there will be a large test of whether we still have any constitutional rights or not.  I tend to get well known in governmental offices sometimes.  I stopped Fresno county from imposing new water well permit fees for several years by calling the news team at one of the local TV stations.   The county had it set up to slip the fees through without time for the people to voice opposition to it.   After an onsite interview with me things changed.  

By the next afternoon they just wanted the phone calls from the outraged public to stop.

This is off the thread topic, but Glenn's last post brought it to mind.

If anyone knows, where in California are we least likely to encounter difficulty with county inspectors or fees?  Counties known to allow owner/builder exemptions?

I'm at Lake Tahoe, but when I build I won't be building here.  Just within the last 5 years a friend built a two-car garage.  The permit alone cost him $16,000.  That's SIXTEEN THOUSAND.  I'll die first!


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