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Oh we were just having fun. But now I need a history lesson, I've been through Zanesville. Zanes Trace I don't know?


Haven't got to do much as of late,but got some pictures of what I have done so far.
So I'll post a few every now and then when I'm on line.


Love the pics, Nightowl.  I learn from each one that is posted.  Thanks!


A few more pictures .

The road at my farm.

The only time you can get these shots standing in the middle of the pond!

Didn't get to do much outside but play a little , I did get my last window set in the frame in my work shop.
A friend replaced his and gave the old ones to me ,had to build frames for them and they need paint and caulking ,but they were free.


A few more pictures

feeding the cows

This is where I do my work on the window frames and stuff.
I built this last spring out of the downed trees,for my work shop.

This building is 16x20 oak,poplar and pine.


A few pics. of what I've got done on the cabin.


Got the ends framed in ,and the house wrap and boxing on for the first floor.


A shot of the wrap from inside.

getting ready to box the second floor.


Hi been awhile, but got a few pics of what I have done over the sumer .
Work on it a little when I can got the outside mostly done roof on floors down electric in .
Working on stairs rails inside walls.
A few pics.


Nice work NIGHTOWL.   

Very resourceful.   [cool]
Home is where you make it

jan nikolajsen

Like it a lot. Nothing like having a 100+ ac woodlot, a portable bandsaw mill and a strong back!!

This couldn't be more different than my own project profiled somewhere on this forum too.


Nice progress, I like it.   [cool]

Seeing all of those TV's reminds me of my dad back in the day.  He had a console TV that stopped working and just sat a new TV on top using the old one as a table.   :D

When and if I ever get back to building the cabin, my roof might just look like yours.


Quote from: poppy on November 18, 2010, 12:33:13 PM
Nice progress, I like it.   [cool]

Seeing all of those TV's reminds me of my dad back in the day.  He had a console TV that stopped working and just sat a new TV on top using the old one as a table.   :D

When and if I ever get back to building the cabin, my roof might just look like yours.
Hi poppy
I bought one tv at an auction for 5.00 it didn't work to good ,the little one I used till I replaced it with the old one from home.
Hooked to a sat dish I get RTN and TUFF tv old shows to watch while I work.

The roof I got for 50.cents a foot differnt colours and lenths from a guy who does roofing,from 4ft. to 15ft.

I used like 5ft. and 10ft. on the front with a good lap and keep a strait line.
And something like that in the back.
I put the felt paper on under it as I went like I seen on here to keep it from driping .
The roof cost about 150.00!



I love that roof. 

And like poppy, that tv setup brings back some memories for me as well.  When I was a kid we had a big console that the sound went out on.  We just put a smaller 14" or so black and white right on top of it that had sound.  Turned them both to the same channel, had sound from one and picture from the other. 

The place is coming along nicely.  Any plans on a front porch? 


Hi muldoon
Yes I will put a porch on later ,thats why I have not put the battons above the front door yet.


I have really enjoyed your post, reading about your progress, and your pictures are great!
What part of KY you from? Bell Co myself.

I've been wanting to build a cabin myself up in the mtns where I live, kind of like a getaway, hunting cabin, survival shack, whatever it may be useful to me as.
I'm not "majorly" concerned with electricity or running water I just want to be able to build my very own cabin. I don't have any experience in carpentry or building, although I have observed the building of different buildings (such as garages etc) and seen many videos of building small cabins. Although I do not possess these skills or knowledge I am eager to learn, this website may be my answer! I was so interested in your design that I have almost convinced myself I need a second story or at least a loft.
I was thinking something around a 16x20 would be suitable for me.
Any suggestions? I appreciate any advice and suggestions and helpful tips.
many thanks! :)


Hey,  KYmtnBoy
Like you I never built a house or cabin before.
This forum is great help for anyone that wants to try it.
The upstairs adds so much more room, and its not that much harder or more to do.
Mine started out with just the 10ft back half with upstairs,then I added each end of the front half,with the center open to the roof.
I could put two beds in the front sections each 8x12 and still have a 10x24 space in the back.
I am putting rails up kinda like I seen in here.
I realy like the balconey look.
I'm doing mine with as much of what I have myself as I can,trying not to spend no more money than I have to.
The subfloor and the roof cost the most,about 375.00 for the floor and about 150.00 for the roof.
I looked at plans for a cabin and how it was built,the basic of a post frame and started and modded as I wanted.
Its not near as good as some of the ones in here!
I just learn as I go ,make a mistake and try and correct it.
I have a lot to do before its done,but its so pleasing when it starts to
look like something and youve done it yourself.so I say go for it!


I forgot to say Im in GREEN CO. KY.
I built a 16x20 building at home to have a place to work .
Its where I have all my saws and stuff,it looked big building it ,but now its so full I can hardly walk through it.
So bigger is always better. If not bigger ,I would for sure add a upstairs or loft.


Hi, I want to saw some pine boards for my walls and ceiling .
What is the best size thickness to use, is 1/2 inch thick enough or should it be 3/4 or 1 inch?


I guess it depends on what you want the finished look to appear like. I like at least 3/4" stock to work with.  It doesn't show wall/framing imprefections as much as thinner stock.  If you want a smoother finish then mill for 1" and plane down to 3/4".  If you are after the rough sawn look then 3/4" sawn demensions will work.  If you are going to T&G the edges then definitely 3/4" to allow for the edge treatment after you plane the surface.  Although you can edge treat (T&G) thinner stock (1/2") it is just a little more diffficult IMO.