New House Truckee, CA Historic District

Started by Danfish, April 08, 2011, 03:44:13 PM

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Porch decks are complete and working like mad on siding.  Drywall scheduled for completion in few more days and garage door installation scheduled for today.  Just about ready to shut down for winter.

Front porch...

Future screened porch off laundry or "Catio", porch for the cats...

Completed siding east side of garage...


Garage door more item checked off...


Just love how your place is looking - great style!

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looks great !

what decking is on your catio ?- love the color

is the garage door an up and over ?


I agree with Sassy ... your place is beautiful... love that garage door!  I consistently look forward to your updates to see what the next thing to be finished looks like... and I'm never disappointed. 


Quote from: UK4X4 on December 16, 2011, 12:47:03 PM
looks great !

what decking is on your catio ?- love the color

is the garage door an up and over ?

All the decking is western red cedar with Sherman-Williams Deckscape stain in cedar bark color.

The garage door is up and over manufactured by Carriage House Doors and of course it is fire rated in compliance with our new wildland fire codes (cedar faced).

As always thanks to all for the positive feedback!!!


More progress...railing for front porch and stairs complete...

Unfortunately new code requirement on railing height doesn't do a lot for view when sitting...


this is one of my favorite projects to follow.... awesome looking place so far. keep the updates coming!
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Two days before Christmas I ran out of gas and decided that was it for the year, badly need a break.  The interior is taped and textured, ready for primer.  Exterior siding about 90 percent complete and rest can wait till spring!

Can't wait to sit here and eat lunch when work resumes next spring...


You had a pretty good run at it, place looks amazing.


It is really looking fabulous!  love the deck, and if the garage doors are missing, you might come check on my property! :-\ c*

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Spending winter in hunter/gather mode building an inventory of materials for the next big buildout come spring.  Found a good on-line buy of airless spray rig to tackle all that interior painting...

Also made a mockup of proposed door trim for interior designer... would have been a lot easier if all my tools weren't a 3-hour drive away...


Winter vacation over, time to get back to work!  First order of business to install front entry lights that wife (designer/boss) has been staring at all winter.

Helps to have a helping hand from the boss...

Then it's time for a little celebration...and some more pressure, when are you going to finish those shingles?

And finally, nothing would be complete without a picture of granddaughter and her friend enjoying those new front steps...


I know I've said it before and I will continue to say it, your place looks fantastic and is a big inspiration for me. Keep up the good work!


Pmichelsen, thanks for the compliments!  Decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather (considering it was snowing a week ago) and put some more effort into finishing the shingle siding.  Almost complete, perhaps two or three more days...


Shingling is such a tedious task, but well worth it in the end. We have shingled all of the cabins on our property and mine will be no different.


Just love your house!  Love the shingles, doors, windows, etc etc.  You've done a lovely job  :)  Did I tell you I love it?   c*

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Well almost done with siding...under estimated by 65 sq. ft. and that little error would cost me an extra $450 for special handling and freight if I were to go back to orginal pre-finish ordered from local distributor and will do my own finish.  Lesson learned!


Finished the siding...even the infamous gas meter shed.  Could have build a real garden shed for the time and money I have in that thing!

Now it is time to move on to the interior painting...set up scaffolding for beams and ceiling in loft area.  Some sanding and a conditioner on the beams, then wrap to protect from the spraying operation.


First full day on job site after a few weeks off.  Rain and snow, sure was nice to be working inside.

After unloading materials and finishing up a few odds and ends it was time to stop procrastinating and start sanding those beams.  Of all the tasks in building, I dislike sanding more than anything...3/4's done with one beam and two more to go.


Check another item off the sewer inspection

First comes the air test

Plug downstream

Verification by inspector

And then run TV camera through lateral to the main in street

Finally approval to remove seal cap and hook up I can install a real toilet


Finally, beams sanded and wrap in place to protect from painting.  Took four days sanding and another day to clean up the mess.  There is a lot of wood in those beams and as pictured is a long way up there!


38 gallons of primer on the interior and the first round of painting complete...13 gallons of finish on with about 40 more gallons to full completion.  Primer makes for a lot of white!

First real indoor plumbing up and more walking down the street to use facilities at son's house.

The "throne"...


Except for trim to come later, all the exterior and interior painting is now complete.  Hard to believe that this house has consumed 120 galons of paint and stain.

Finished beams...

Now it is time to get busy on the surrounds for the four gas fireplace units (sole source of heat).

Living Room...


Master Bedroom...

2nd Bedroom...