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Tonasket 16X20, Let's get you caught up!
« on: August 14, 2010, 06:59:22 PM »
Okay, It's a litle late, but better late than never.  Been out in the lurking world for a long time (3 years or so) and been planning the big build on 16 level acres I own on contract in North-Central Washington state.  Yes, Oljarhead and SkagitDrifter and Javaman's territory, to name but a very few.  Bought the property on contract way below value about 4 years ago on a lark, and decided early on that it was time to build something there, whatever I decided to build.  So here I am.

I went through the county for permits to do this legally, so from the outhouse to the cabin, all of this is above the board.  Kinda had t, as you can see my place from the main gravel road and it is on the land contract.  Otherwise, I agree with many others:  Whatever I build for occasional recreation will probably be better than what most of the people in the area are living in full time.

So, I parked my little tent trailer out there and dreamed...

And then drew.  And collected. And worked. And sweated.  So as I catch all of you up on what I have done, bear in mind that this is not all live action.  I will be updating photos and stories about what was, as well as what is happening.  So for all of you new guys who are learning this, don't start measuring your progress against mine.  I have been a year and some at it, it was not 3 weeks.  I am not a builder, but I get asked a lot why I don't persue it more.  I am in the amatuer catagory, same as many of you, but my mind works well for engineering, asn I am surrounded by electricians, builders, building inspectors, and many generations of carpenters before me who would be proud.  And laugh a lot at me.  And recall, I live in western WA, so this is a 4.5 hour drive for me, if I don;t have to stop!

So let me get you caught up over the next few weeks, and then I can share a little of the "live action" with you as I continue.

View from the road in front of the property.  This is the view through the trees I would get if I had a better camera or fewer trees!

And my primitive conveniences

And the build site, with the piers already poured.  Can't find the before shots.

And the view that will one day off a front porch!

For the tech specs:

Piers are 4 1/2 feet into ground (30" below frost line) abouut 8' from each other front to rear and on sides. Sit on 16X16X8 poured concrete footer.  I am well into the hardpan, and hand dug all the holes. from the rear pier to the front, the height gain is about 3', so I gain about 1' in 10', so mild grade. Gotta be high to keep put pf sight of bugs, and allow for air flow below.  Simpson brackets at top of piers bought for $2.00/pound at habitat for humanity in Seattle. There's a big tip for the local guys!  That's where I buy all my steel, housewrap, windows, and other things at next to nothing for some items, and shop around more for others.

So much to tell you! Feel free to ask questions, and as I get to the more recent stuff, suggestions and other ideas are welcome.  I check in nearly daily, so if you don't hear from me, I am over there hiding.  Look forward to participating rather than just watching!

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Re: Tonasket 16X20, Let's get you caught up!
« Reply #1 on: August 14, 2010, 07:34:51 PM »
 w* jdejarn!  Looking forward to seeing what you've done so far. 

In September, I'll be visiting a friend in Leavenworth - beautiful country!  Lived near Bellingham for 12 yrs.

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Re: Tonasket 16X20, Let's get you caught up!
« Reply #2 on: August 21, 2010, 05:26:31 AM »
Okay, been a week, Time for the next update.  Once again, for all the guys who are wondering how long it takes to build, I am catching up on last summer's build, so what you are seeing is a few months of fun, with this year yet to come.

Monday late morning, June.  Waiting in the rain for the truck to show with the lumber package. And waiting.  Finally got there around 4:30.

That evening, got the floor joists in, and the 2nd day, sheeted the floor and got 2 walls up.  At this point, all the help (mom and dad) had to go, so now it's me!

And at the end of the third day, working solo now.  Starting to get past the sore everyday feeling, but tired...

And at the end of the fourth day.  In a couple of days, my dad and girlfriend come back, so have to show some progress!

And after about 5- days of working, and now pushing 90 during the days at the end of June, this is where we packed up and left the place.  Oh, the work and troubles yet to come!

Now reality sets in--I am finding as I go that i do not like heights.  Okay, I'll go up there, but even on the scaffold that you see inside, I do not care for the high places, and the roof is 12/12.

Tech specs: Across the piers is a double 2/8 front and rear, and a triple through the center sot the joists can rest well.  Canitilevered front and rear about a foot.  2X8 floor joists 16OC w/ 3/4 OSB floor.  Code requires 5/8 minimum siding, so over 2X4 walls is 7/16 OSB, wrap, then 7/16 OSB t1-11.  Lucky find on the t1-11-- local lumberyard had a major job cancellation and sold all of it (4 freight cars) for 9.99/sheet.  The rest of the frming package came from Midway building supply in Tonasket, windows from Habitat for Humanity. Same for the house wrap--200' roll for $65.  Pays to shop around for a year or so before building.

For added wall support and because of what the county wanted to see, the rim of the floor is a triple 2X8 on the side walls to help support the roof load, and double front and rear.  Rafters are 2X10, which is overkill, but I want to make sure the load stays put, and want breathing room for insulation.  I will only put in R19 in the lid, but want a few inches air space above given the extreme temperature variations from summer to winter.  And this will probably never be a full time home.

When i get the chance, will show the roofing shots and thenbe fairly caught up.  Am working indoors at the moment, so will show a few shots of small space interior and the changes that the county doesn't need to know about!

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Re: Tonasket 16X20, Let's get you caught up!
« Reply #3 on: August 21, 2010, 09:04:00 AM »
 jdejarn looks like you are making good progress for the time period that you are posting.  I send you a belated  w*. Sorry I didn't pick up on youor post earlier.  Keep us updated. 

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Re: Tonasket 16X20, Let's get you caught up!
« Reply #4 on: August 23, 2010, 06:57:14 AM »
Welcome JD-
Good to have another friend over in the Okanogan.
Beautiful site for a cabin- and you look like you are making good progress.
Looking forward to seeing more of your project.
See you around the neighborhood.
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Re: Tonasket 16X20, Let's get you caught up!
« Reply #5 on: August 23, 2010, 05:57:00 PM »
Thanks for the welcome and the well-wishes!  As I said before, wish I had posted more of he build as it was happening, rather than catching up after most of the hard part is done.  But as I tell my friends and family, this is a project that will probably never be done!  Will post a few more shots later this week to let you see where I am, and am going over this weekend for a couple days, hopefully take it a little easy, but I do know myself better than that!


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