Some reno pics, French doors, 12x12 extension.

Started by rocking23nf, May 12, 2010, 09:37:52 AM

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this was the ugly double door very short doors before.

There goes the doors...

Here is the installed shot.

Here is the area we planned to knock out for the extension.

View from the back yard.

Starting to take shape.

The trusses

More to follow.


Extensions getting close!!!

Love that log cabin siding.

Front of the cabin, Deck is getting ripped out, metal roof is gonna be put on also.

Ran out of stained boards.

Thats alot of boards left to stain...


Been a busy summer at the cabin.

Love the charcoal cooking.

Always lots of yard work.

Log siding and a new light

Side of extension

The Ladies Shingling.


my first ever attempt at Soffits, not bad I think, still a bit of trim left and some covering for the seams.


I messed up my truss order, had to build 2 from scratch, they seemed to do the job.

Siding taking shape

Short 1 stained board.

Smoke Detector and some insulation for the extension


Extension nearing end of rough in stage.

All insulated and vapour barriered

More extension

This was existing cabin, we replaced insulation and vapour barrior.

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The log siding looks amazing.  It should be nice and toasty with the new insulation... thanks for sharing the pics.


Cedar paneling, how did people survive without brad nailers.


You will know the truth & the truth will set you free


Some new updates of the cabin, its starting to take shape.

Back of the extension

Dining room/Beer pong table.

Living room

Bedroom addition(sorry for mess)

Quite proud of my soffit work.

Slow cooked ribs.

Front siding complete.

ran out of stained boards again.


You will know the truth & the truth will set you free