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Securing your land ownership

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glenn kangiser:
Land Patents - highest law in land ownership - even above state, county, etc.  My understanding is that if they want to mess with you they have to buy it from you, per a lady in Nevada successfully fighting gov. BLM I think.  A relative of Wayne Haiges as I recall.

She said to get an exhaustive chain of title all the way from the original patent to me (the current owners) - certified copies of every document.  That's a start.  More info from Team Law.

I'm studying up a bit more on this and wanted to post it for others that may be interested.

Land 101



Thanks Glenn

I have searched for this info and got nowhere

even talked to my brother the  Real Estate Broker

who knew nothing about allodial titles or land patents

Virginia Gent:
This should be a sticky topic, in my opinion; some quality advice for all.

Good info Glenn.

BTW having an army helps insure land ownership as well. Just a hint.

It would seem to me that my title would still depend on how rigorously each transfer was made-----an original patent would only guarantee clear title to the first "private" owner.  Any flaw at any point after that could prove to be a "cloud" on every subsequent owners' title. That's why buyers title insurance is important to obtain as part of the closing. A sellers policy does not protect the new owner.


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