Michigan 20 x 34 1-1/2 story- New interior pics

Started by AAA-DAY, May 03, 2006, 02:23:20 PM

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Just wanted to share our success with the plan we obtained from this site!

In the spring of 2004, we bought the 20' 1-1/2 story cottage plan. We increased it to 20 x 34 and sat down with a pad of graph paper and made some modifications to the layout.

Found this nifty site on the Web!  VERY fun and FREE!!  YIPPEE!!!

In April, we began clearing our building spot in the middle of our 10 acres of woods in Michigan's thumb.

We worked every weekend all summer and fall until we finally got it weather tight by October.

We have worked on this project almost every single weekend and every vacation for 2 years now, but we are very close to being done. Inside, we have some finish trim work to do and the staircase/railing to the loft to put in. Outside, we have to put the stone on the chimney and around the base of the cabin.

The exterior was sided in Certainteed stained cement fiberboard and the chimney will be finished in the same cultured stone we used on the fireplace surround.

We used pre-finished tongue and groove pine on the walls of the main living areas. The kitchen has pine cupboards. We put in an old barn wood accent wall. We used drywall and pine on the ceiling in the bedroom and bathroom.

We hope to add a porch with overhang on both sides of the house, maybe this summer.
To see more photos of our progress:

http://danamycabin.snapfish.com/comcast (you need to sign-up for free account but it is quick)

Hope you enjoy the pictures. I will post more as we progress!

Note from John 5/22/08:
We now have a Gallery Page up for this house. Click HERE.


I really like the way this looks!
Where did you get the pine?
Is that tongue and groove?
What was the cost per foot?
Sorry for so many questions, I am just excited!


Thank you so much for your nice comments. Yes, it is tongue and groove. We bought it prefinished at Grove Custom Sawing in Houghton Lake, MI. It was .83 cents per lineal foot for the 1x6 used on the ceiling and $1.20 per lineal foot for the 1x8 used on the walls. It took about 3300 lineal ft to do the areas we did. Glad you enjoyed the pictures.


Great job on the house!
I am glad you posted the link to the pictures.
It always helps me with the visualization of my future tasks.
They also help me estimated costs before hand
so I dont get sticker shock while shopping for materials.



I can see why Jimmy got excited!  So many beautiful features... love the wood inside - like the way you did the cupboards in the kitchen with some open shelving interspersed with the closed... very nice.  If you hadn't said you'd used cement fiberboard for the outside siding, I'd have never known by looking at the pictures.  Isn't that a little branch for the wooden handle on the bathroom door where I think you said the water heater was stored?


Thank you for your interest Sassy. The handle on the door to the utility closet is a whitetail antler. My husband is a BIG fan of hunting and all things related.


I really like seeing how the cabin looks with the cathedral ceiling! Did you rework the floorplan much at all?


Well done!  I particularly like the collar ties, the kitchen, and the bathroom details including the pocket door.  Is the red-painted wood recycled?  


I got out the original floor plan I bought from John and the changes we made were somewhat minor. I will post the floor plan we drew up as soon as I can.
To answer the red wall question; Yes, the wood is recycled. I came from an old barn that was torn down. The floor of the loft also came from the loft floor of the same barn. We sanded, stained it black, then sanded lightly again to distress it. We finished with 3 coats of Varthane floor finish. It is VERY rustic, but we love the look.


Nice Place!!! Do you have your floor plan revision posted on this site somewhere by chance. We are looking to build a 20x36 with a full loft. I love your kitchen and the pine t&g. Great decorating on all the rooms!! You should be proud.


Very, very nice.  Love the red wall and the loft floor.  I tried to do something like that in the cabin in CO but it didn't turn out quite as nice as yours.  Also love the cabinets, where are they from? Great job, you should be very proud.  Thanks for sharing the photos.



Amy and Dan have done a very nice job on this version of the 20' wide 1.5 story plan. Especially noteworthy are their interior details and craftsman additions.

We are planning to do a Gallery page on this house but I worked up a few more images from the Yahoo link to paste in here.

The bathroom basin

Kitchen cabinets

Bedroom walls and typical window trim

Dormer treatment

Shower and closet hiding the water heater


Thanks Judy! The cabinets are Kraftmaid, we ordered them from Home Depot. After shopping these cabinets around many places, they were the cheapest, plus we put them on out Home Depot card and got an additional 10% off and 1 year same as cash. Bargain hunting is such a job!


OK, so back to the cabinets.  Did you paint the black frame on the lowers?  And what is the countertop? YOur windows look like what we've ordered for our house. Now that I can see them in an actual home, I really like them.  Also that leaded glass window in one picture looks like the glass from a door we had.  Is that a door?



We actually are not completely done with the cabinets, what you see as black on the toe kick area is actually the unfinished toe kick space from the manufacture. They wanted too much for the prefinished, flimsy toe kick. We decided to do our own toe kick from either pine or slate tile, we will see. The black "stripes" inbetween the cabinets are actually sections of polyurethaned 3" pine spacers with a strip of stock "braided" molding stained black and finish-nailed in place.The counter tops are Formica in "Basalt Slate", it is colored and textured to resemble real slate.

Yes, that is a window from a door. We bought the door to use at home and never did use it. We took the window out and built it into the landing support wall. It came from "Lowe's", so it probably is the same door you had!



thanks for posting the floor plan - you've done such a beautiful job! it all makes excellent sense and you've managed to add artisticness and craftsmanship... WOW!


Thank you for your kind words. We have discovered that there is NOTHING like building your own place to feed the creative Jones, both for the mind and the hands!


Great job... your house is very close to what we are planning. We will have a full loft. I was wondering if you have had any things pop up that you would do different with the floorplan. Sometimes using the space brings out things you can't know when drawing things out. We will be living in our cabin full time so I'm trying to figure in all the little things like broom closet, etc. I actually got those tips from seeing revised plans on this site. Thanks... enjoy your great place.


Thinking about it, there are probably quite a few little things we would do different if we were going to live full time in our cabin. We revised the floor plan specifically with the intention of making this a vacation/weekend cabin only. To live there full time we would have put more storage in. We got rid of the pantry closet under the stair in favor of an open tread look for the stair way to give it a more open feel. The under stair closet would probably be very useful. We did not put a closet in the bedroom, instead, we use an Armoire for clothes. Full time living would require a bedroom closet. We originally planned to put a door to the bathroom in the bedroom, but didn't do it. It would be a nice feature, though. A coat closet would be nice, too. Hope this helps.


I really like your combination of open and closed upper cabinets in the kitchen.  Looks very cabin-y.


Creative 1 thinks:
QuoteI really like your combination of open and closed upper cabinets in the kitchen.  Looks very cabin-y

Me too.  cabin-y and useful too.


I really love the job you've done!  I just purchased the 1 1/2 Story plans and will be getting started in the spring.

If you don't mind sharing, what brand and model are your windows?  I really like the look of those.


The window are from a local company (Oxbowindo). They are green aluminum clad (outside) & pine inside. The grills on the inside are "Prarie" style. But the Doorwalls are Lincoln. We are happy with the windows. They are an excellent quality and they were cheaper than the big guys. You might want to try to look around your hometown, sometimes they can manufacture them for less.