Author Topic: 24 x 46 1.5 Story in Ohio  (Read 59855 times)

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Re: 24 x 46 1.5 Story in Ohio
« Reply #100 on: December 31, 2013, 10:44:07 AM »
Beckhamk sorry to have temporiarly highjacked your thread.  We now return you to your regular programming.  ;D
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Re: 24 x 46 1.5 Story in Ohio
« Reply #101 on: December 31, 2013, 12:35:16 PM »
What a slick looking build [cool]
I asked this once before and still don't know the answer so I'll try again - it one wanted to change the 20' wide to this 24' what all would be the mods required from the stock plans?
I have tried to get what we have to fit in the 20' wide footprint and stretched to 38' long and just cannot get it to work for us. At 24' I think I could even shorten to 34' and be tickled pink with how we can do things inside.
All help is appreciated - should I start a new thread? ???

When you're ready another thread would probably be easier to follow. The short answer is that spanning members like joists and rafters get deeper or have their spans broken by midspan supports. Girders and headers underneath those joists or rafters either cannot span as far or need to be larger, in other words you need to be able to support more load. To be honest I've rarely worked on houses less than 24' wide, it helps to get things like stairs inside to work out well. Generally at 24' there is a midspan girder under the floor, and I believe there is one in this house. Stacking a load bearing wall over that can then support regular dimensional lumber floor joists above, or you can go to engineered floor joists or trusses to clearspan the distance. I prefer to keep it simple and frame it conventionally if possible.

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Re: 24 x 46 1.5 Story in Ohio
« Reply #102 on: March 02, 2014, 01:50:43 PM »
Sorry for the delay - got busy with work

finley31 - we are located in central ohio, the cabin is near Zanesville, ohio.  got our trusses from Columbus roof trusses.

Rover- no problem

uperjoe - DonP said it exactly - we did that word for word.   look at page 1 of this thread there is a pic right before we put the floor joists on. We built a buildup beam just like the plans on this forum have if you purchased plans from here. There are examples on here also. Then the next photo you can see how we overlapped the joists over the build up beam.  Its rock solid.  We used 2x12 on the entire floor, we could have gone smaller since we would have been only spanning 12ft. But I didn't want any flex or noise. Plus we have 9 in or so of spray in foam on the underside of that floor.  Its nice and solid and doesn't bounce :)


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