10 X 14 on the river bluff

Started by kev_alaska, February 04, 2006, 11:15:20 PM

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Pictures of the first of a couple Cabins on our property....http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/kev_alaska/album?.dir=c435&.src=ph&store=&prodid=&.done=http%3a//photos.yahoo.com/ph//my_photos

Long summer of pulling items up the bluff and weathering in a place to boat and snowmachine...Certainly not in any type of order...

(Dropped in one of the photos here - John. PS - Nice use of plywood siding and battens. Very inexpensive solution.)


Great pics kev!  Mighty fine looking cabin too...fits right in with the scenery.  Clever moving of supplies up the bluff and via the river.  Is that the only way in and out or are there roads?  Where in AK?...looks warmer than where I am familiar with.  Thanks for sharing.


It is a cute cabin.  With plenty of windows.

But if he's using a snow machine it's not in 7b--see below.

Last time I looked it up, there were parts of Alaska where the (winter cooling) USDA zone was 7--might even have been 7b, same as southern Arkansas.  (summer heating USDA zone is NOT the same--not much used either, neither is tha amount of sunlight)   When I moved here I noticed that the 6b-7a line was about at my place.  The Agricultural extension agent said something like  "don't %%$&! count on it."

(and if you want to confuse youself even further, architects seem to use some sort of climate zones.  The USDA zones go from approx. 1 [top of Denali?] to 10 [Key West] for winter chill.  The climate zones go all the way to 20, by heating degree days but they are BACKWARDS--in 1 you might not use any insulation for keeping the place warm.


Well...there are even rainforests in AK.  But we have snow machines (locals call them snowmachines) even here in Cape Cod MA, of course not in the numbers that we see in Mommymem's home area of Northern New York (where they are called sleds), but we still got them.  From my time in Fairbanks about this time of the year my nose hairs were still collecting icicles  ;)


Lower Susitna Valley. River boat in summertime and snowmachine in winter...only way in, only way out. We had the barge bring in the main load of lumber and we hauled it up the bluff with a gas capstain winch and some Monster garage inspired carts and sleds to hold lumber with...

The initial summer project is stairs and a trolley up the bluff along with clearing the foundation footprint for the big cabin.

Weather has been spotty. About 80 degrees during the build phase and close to -30 last weekend.


All I can say is...Kewl!  :exclamation



thanks, I lurked on here with plans in hand for about a year before the first nail went in. got a lot of great ideas and information. We will be starting on the big one soon.