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General Forum / Re: Need lots of help lol.....
« Last post by NathanS on Today at 03:54:58 PM »
Yankee, just curious... you're thinking about adding joists because you don't want the additional posts in the basement?

I am just reiterating what has been said... you will have a better floor if you add the girders and leave the joists alone.

Adding those joists is going to be back breaking, knuckle busting, lots of cursing pain. From the pics it looks like you may have to move wiring too... hopefully no plumbing or duct work is in the way.
General Forum / Re: Aquaponics greenhouse retrofit?
« Last post by Don_P on Today at 03:03:08 PM »
I can't help you with linking them but I got the properties and viewed them. It is similar to our high tunnel which we clear when it snows and keep a knife ready to slash plastic if the snow looks like it is going to get ahead of us and collapse it. I would not bear anything on that frame.

With the orientation the north side is not doing anything for solar gain and is contributing to heat loss. I understand your idea. I would be tempted to frame it as a lean to greenhouse by building a framed 3 sided room on the north side and supporting the ridge on that frame, removing the north half of the bents and use them for another similar greenhouse. The open, 4th side, is open to the south and has a series of posts and beams under the ridge to support its roof and the greenhouse ridge.

Some friends have one that is similar to that, the north wall is dug into the hillside and there are stacks of black cans full of water as a heat sink against that back wall, it works well. They've turned what would be a heat loss wall into a heat storage wall.

Now on the comment that he doesn't have the winter markets... he can't sell greens in winter when people are craving anything fresh and green? He's missing a market there somewhere, we have people wanting to jump to the head of the line. We aren't paying for heat, its just a high tunnel so it may be he cannot find a market that can support the overhead, I can sure appreciate that.
General Forum / Re: Need lots of help lol.....
« Last post by yankeeredneck on Today at 12:53:50 PM »

Yes it does and yes the tweaker is what I thought it was. Although I will be doing the joist sistering later in a month or two... my plan is to stiffen the floors up. By doing the 2x12 route with the notched end not only round at the "corner" but I also planned on 2x4 wall under the ends against the concrete walls of the basement. And sense I had planned on sheathing the center girder wall anyway.... I will notch the 2x12 to fit the wall and new wall and use hangers there. and stagger 2x8s in between the joists to make the joists connect. I know this might be over kill but not worried about that. I just want it so that way when my kids does shake the whole house lol
General Forum / Re: Aquaponics greenhouse retrofit?
« Last post by mvk on Today at 10:47:00 AM »
Hi Tinkerer
I can't find my URL? I emailed pictures from a phone to me. I then made JPG as someone told me. I then needed a host, my SIL told me I could use drop box, which didn't work for me. But when I bring up the photo in dropbox there is no url except if I select the item>share>make file, it copies the URL. I can insert this after using the image button but it disappears when posted.

Is there someway to put the picture somewhere to get the URL to copy?

I went thru this before, whenever, quiet a few folks got me on Photobucket and I had an album. Makes me feel dumb . 
General Forum / Re: Aquaponics greenhouse retrofit?
« Last post by mvk on Today at 10:09:30 AM »
Try again

General Forum / Re: Aquaponics greenhouse retrofit?
« Last post by ChugiakTinkerer on Today at 10:06:49 AM »

For now, you can just paste the URL for the image into the text of your message.  It will show up as a link that we can click on.
General Forum / Re: Aquaponics greenhouse retrofit?
« Last post by mvk on Today at 07:37:00 AM »
I'm lost, Help I have dropbox pictures I click the image button copy from dropbox and insert it, it shows up on the message but doesn't on the post after sending?

Thanks Mike
General Forum / Re: Aquaponics greenhouse retrofit?
« Last post by mvk on Today at 07:31:22 AM »
I'm going to try dropbox for photos


General Forum / Re: Aquaponics greenhouse retrofit?
« Last post by mvk on Today at 03:43:10 AM »
Thanks Don

"I don't know that particular brand but it doesn't look any different than typical, they start to collapse at 10-15 psf snow load so no do not add any additional load to one of those."

It's pretty well built, probably had that much weight on it before, but that doesn't mean it wont collapse next time. Snow can accumulate but it usually slides off when it heats up. Would it if it was insulated, It's a about a 6th pitch, how much snow would stay on a metal roof at that pitch? 

"If the axis is east west and you have a 96' long north side it was set up incorrectly, the ridge should be north-south so the sun arcs over the roof, is this not the case?"

Is that to get more sun? There is no time of year when the sun is past the ridge line. What time of year, we visited another grower with the orientation you speak of, the insulated end wall blocked a lot of light? We came away scratching our heads about that. Tom has a solar electric set up and runs lights also during the winter. The orientation of the farm also plays a part he has 5 hoop houses in all. I think this setup works best as a solar greenhouse with an insulated north wall?

Thanks Don, Mike

General Forum / Re: Need lots of help lol.....
« Last post by Don_P on Today at 02:59:40 AM »
Now I'm not sure what google told you  :D
That is simply a tool to give you leverage to twist the joists into place, it will not remain in the finished project in any way.

Let's back up and explain the options here. Since this is a performance enhancement there are several levels of performance you can get to. The stiffest floor would be to install the additional rows of girders. If you prefer a very solid floor or intend to install tile at some point, that would be the way to go. At the least stiff end of that spectrum would be to double up the joists with 2x8's. Deeper joists are considerably stiffer than shallow ones, so each time you step up to a deeper joist the stiffness improves. Because of your 2x8 end bearing depth I suggested a compromise of using 2x10's. This stays within the notching rules which are about horizontal shear, the splitting I mentioned above, and gives what I believe will be sufficient stiffness to be satisfactory but it will not be concrete stiff. Hope that clarifies your options better.
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