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Owner-Builder Projects / Re: Denali 14X24
« Last post by Rys on Yesterday at 05:52:01 PM »
Owner-Builder Projects / Re: Denali 14X24
« Last post by Migraine Craftsman on Yesterday at 02:00:17 PM »

 w* little one.
Owner-Builder Projects / Re: Kodiak Island Cabin Build
« Last post by 1akbig1bear on Yesterday at 11:36:05 AM »
Thanks for the comment and yes, nobody will ever know how much planning goes into a project like this when the only way in is by boat (8) hours or charter plane. Heck, that's what makes it so fun though!
Land Stories / Re: New guy here, new property story
« Last post by A.O. on Yesterday at 04:47:40 AM »
I just bought a parcel in Arizona to build our retirement home. I wish I had at least 1 tree on the land. Guess I had to expect that buying in the desert. Planted a bunch of mesquite tree pods, will see what comes up.

Good luck to you with your new place, the mesquites will take a while to grow... and then they will have huge thorns to flatten all your tires! Found that out the hard way down in TX and OK.. ;-)
Owner-Builder Projects / Re: Denali 14X24
« Last post by NathanS on Yesterday at 04:41:08 AM »
Congrats on the baby!

Nice to get the roof sheathed, it looks good.

A word of warning, you will not be chillaxing for a while.  ;)
Owner-Builder Projects / Re: Denali 14X24
« Last post by Mike 870 on Yesterday at 03:09:52 AM »
Congrats on the new family member and getting dried in!  That is such a big relief.  Next time I complain about getting building materials up my hill I need to think about you guys building in AK!  Keep us posted!
Referral Links / Re: Wall Plugin for SketchUp
« Last post by Medeek on November 16, 2018, 11:53:51 PM »
Version 0.9.9l - 11.16.2018
- Added an option to include 2D wall geometry in 3D modes (Framing, No Framing, CMU).
- Added an additional layer for 2D geometry.
- Added customizable colors for labels, 2D wall geometry, and 2D features (windows, doors, columns etc...)

The custom colors for the labels, and 2D geometry is per a discussion with a client today.  Hopefully this upgrade will help facilitate bringing the 2D geometry into layout for creating floor plans.
Owner-Builder Projects / Re: Denali 14X24
« Last post by redside on November 16, 2018, 11:42:40 PM »
Sorry its been awhile, but life has been busy as my wife just gave birth to our first kiddo!  Luckily, I was able to get the cabin dried in.  Some pics of progress:

Front Gable Wall Going Up

Since my trusses were not built properly, the truss plant stepped up and paid for a new set of trusses and a helicopter transport.  I am glad they footed the bill, but the screw up really slowed my build down (at least I ended up with a whole other roof I can use for another building project).  It was incredibly dangerous, but one of most incredibly skilled pilot delivered the trusses to the front yard (thanks Danielle).

Wife was pregnant and unable to assist me with the roof.  The trusses were 140-180 lbs a piece and impossible for me to move into place by myself.  I was able to build a jig on the floor, splice them together, and then a friend and myself were able to move them up to the loft.  A couple freinds and my brother came up to help get the roof on as the first snow was fast approaching and I was in a time crunch. 

Dried in for winter.  I chose to not offset the seams of the sheeting due to the offsets breaking where windows were and felt it was stronger the way I did it, but who knows.

Pic of the cabin from the lake.  Figure I need to trim about 10-12 trees to have a very good view from the back side of the cabin.

First kid born a couple weeks later.  Can't tell you how relived I was to get it dried in and my tools/investment I can chillax for awhile.

Owner-Builder Projects / Re: Kodiak Island Cabin Build
« Last post by redside on November 16, 2018, 08:24:21 PM »
You are a rock star.  It is hard to believe how much you got done in the short time you have spent out there.  It must have been spot on planning and like my dad always says, "Who needs friends when you have a bobcat?"  I love the camo paint.

Similar to you, I am way off the grid and it makes everything more challenging for sure.
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