What happened to forum today?

Started by youngins, May 01, 2007, 08:28:13 PM

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The forum was unavailable for a while - what happened?


I didn't do it -- I was working. :)

Probably the ISP doing a tune up.

Did you go into withdrawals? :-? :)


Yep, we had an outage at the service provider tonight. There have been a few short outages during the middle of the night but this was almost 3 hours and in a busy time of the day. Something went down on the server and had to be repaired. They performed an FSCK whatever that is. :P (It took about an hour and 20 minutes.)

Sorry about that.


Oh My Gosh!!!! An FSCK!!!!!   :o    1 Hr. and 20 minutes; not too bad tho'   :)


That one just begs you to fill in the blanks doesn't it...  ;)


I recetnly raed taht you read the fisrt and lsat lettres and that waht is in the middel doens't matter taht much.

Yuo stlil know the real meant word. :-?


File System ChecK error, butt FSCK'd eethr way you raed it    ;)


There were some additional outages last night (none as long as the one discussed above). They ended up cloning the site to a new drive. Here's the report from the test after the installation.

"The clone has been completed, and this machine is now back online and functioning better than ever. It's super snappy and responsive."

There were still a few glitches after that but is has stabilized and does seem to be running faster than normal today... at least on my machine.


Anyone that can make a FSCK last an hour and twenty minutes deserves a round of applause, and producing a clone at the end of the process is even more remarkable..... :o


Sorry , Pete -- I am sure I can handle the first part, but, please -- no more clones. :-/


...no clones? Then where would the politicians come from :)?
Meanwhile, back at the upsidedown ranch, something strange has been happening when I try to post for the last couple of weeks- I make a comment, hit the button, and up comes ""cannot find server""- hit the back button, and the post I just typed has disappeared. Is it all those anti- Bush, Chaney comments of mine floating around in cyberspace, come back to haunt me thanks to Big Brother?
Help me, Rhonda, Help, help me Rhonda- or anyone...

Lets hope this f----er doesn't disappear as well :'(


I wondered what happened to you -- unusually silent. :-/

Nothing going on with the forum that I know of.

As to where politicians come from ---- they are not cloned -- they evolve from raw sewage.  When they have evolved to perfect Number 2, they can hold the highest offices in the US.   :o