Spam attack Sunday evening

Started by jraabe, June 11, 2006, 10:06:14 PM

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These guys ought to learn that they are wasting their time.  None of them are too bright though.  :)


these spam attacks...Give me an example...You must remove them quick I have yet to see one


This one put lots of adds for telephones in several forums.  I first block their e-mail - block their user name then remove all postings then delete them from membership.

I sometimes block the whole domain they spam from if I get a lot from it.


i guess I havee never seen the spam because you are so efficient at protecting us glenn...

wow you are awesome ;)


in all seriousness... one of my old car sites there is this spammer....they tried to block the guy... which made the spammer mad and he has gone to incredible lengths to disrupt our classic car site....Posting porn...Mass posts.. emails attacks....It has been terrible.....Might even cause them to shut our board down :'(


I think I know who it is -- PEG's Asian friend.  I have some addresses they can block if they have a way to do it.  He was here too.  He uses Yahoo e-mail addresses fairly exclusively. He is the one who was posting in slightly changed versions of my name.  I made him very mad --- he wanted to do several interesting things to me.


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Just flexing my administrative muscle. :-/ :)


I sense that you take great pleasure in flexing... too much pleasure...

Are you becomming like Dubbya Glenn?



What this cannot be right...

Peg and I agree on something ::)



C'mon sassy

You must have a racier nickname for him than that...*LOL* ::)


My mother in law this morning over coffee asked me if I was anti government... ;D

Local news story came on the radio about a guy that shot 2 cops last year...They beat the door in on his home to serve him or arrest him...And he had no trespassing signs posted...When the cop came through the door he shot the cop...

Then about 50 cops showed up and they all opened fire on his home...Like a mini waco....They were just trying to kill the guy....Somehow he lived and is in court.

My mother in law heard me say that he is kind of a hero...She nearly choked to death

Not a hero for Shooting a cop exactly...

But, Someone somewhere needs to draw a line in the sand and say....This is my land....You shall not enter...I do not care if you are a cop... the IRS..FBI.... I do not cede permission for you to enter....Court orders, county ordinances be damned

What is interesting is that the Cops have not been stating why they went to serve the guy...Meaning he was not a violent sex offender or anything like that..

Yeah the guy went rambo...And maybe he has a problem with that....But this was a guy that was not on America's most wanted....And they forced the issue with this guy until it got some cops killed...

This is the same thing as cops itching to get into high speed persuits with kids who steal cars or whatever.....Why escalate the situation and chase the offender into a heavy populated area where people can get killed....Why not try to snap pictures call the black helicopters let the kid go...Maybe they slow down and nobody dies...

We all see the violent terrible crashes on those TV specials from the high speed chases....The police are endangering the public when they escalate the tension with someone that has lost the ability to think rationally.

Sorry I hijacked this...


NSA.... Yeah good one