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Free Download - SketchUp 3d modeling program

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glenn kangiser:
Wish I had time to do more learning on it.  Not right now though.  Thanks for the help offer, Bradon and may get back to it later.

John Raabe:
Sorry I haven't visited this thread in awhile. (Download the latest version of SketchUp when using it for either a Mac or PC -

Thanks for the fine offer of help, Brandon.

I have often thought that SketchUp might be helpful for modifying the floor plans of some of my stock plans - doing the interior wall, window and furniture modifications that can be done in 3D Home Architect or BH&G Home Designer - but with a free program everyone could use.

However, I don't know if the component library has evolved enough yet for the use of an owner-builder who must have results in a short learning session.

Of course, SketchUp can also do things 3DHA can't, and the new Pro version with Layout 3 builds in a full CAD environment for the production of working drawings from SketchUp models.

SketchUp and Layout are both very handy tools when you are working on designing a new house plan. It takes a lot of the guess work out if you can sit down and draw it out on paper first. Here are a few examples of drawings that I have been working on:

John Raabe:
Very nice workup. Has lots of detail and I like your bracing design.

Note that the latest reading of the IRC code will likely not allow the collar and rafter ties that you show on alternate rafters. They now need to be on each pair. Check with your inspector.

WOW!!  I just found SketchUp online and downloaded a copy.  What brilliant software and all for free.  I used to do lots of AutoCad drafting back in the mid-90's.  This program reminds me a lot of that.  Have already used it to design a pole barn.  Great tool!!!


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