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Started by Knarrly Viking, June 10, 2015, 01:50:55 PM

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Knarrly Viking

I'm designing my home in Washington State trying to use the 2012 IRC prescriptive method to design everything.  Everything is working so far, except I'm getting stumped on the no-mixing of braced wall panel types along a braced wall line in Seismic D category.

I have is my living room bumps out 8 feet from the middle of a long outside wall (gabled roof over the bump out).  So, the "interior" braced wall line starts inside the house, and ends in the middle of the 8 foot wall section that bumps out from the house.  I need to meet the requirement that the corner be braced, so I'd use a 48" CS-WSP BWP along the 8 foot exterior side of the living room, and then use GB on the other end that's inside the house.  But, that doesn't meet the no-mixing clause.

Any solutions within the IRC?



Do CS-WSP under the GB... the GB is non bracing window dressing.

Knarrly Viking

I looked at the mixed method section again, and yes, I figured out that I can use a typically-exterior method on the interior.  I'm going to forget about the CS and go with straight WSP on most wall lines.  I'll have to use ABW in a couple areas, but I'm assuming that is not mixing methods, that it's a variant of WSP.

I guess the next questions is whether or not I can cut holes in the sheathing for electrical boxes, pipes, etc.


I've done a fairly good scour of the code referenced WFCM, (You can get the workbook and commentary free at awc.org, the manual with all the tables is not a freebie but has both prescriptive and engineering info, very dense stuff even after taking the class from their engineer.) I assume you've searched the code for an answer. It's a question I've not thought to ask and there must be some guideline on hole size and location for small holes. The help desk at apawood.org , the American Plywood Association, is responded to by a good engineer. If you don't mind asking there and sharing the answer I'd appreciate it. They are typically the referenced organization for engineered wood products, ply/osb, lvl's, tji's, etc. Create an account and get into their publications, a good amount of stuff on bracing.


I guess the next questions is whether or not I can cut holes in the sheathing for electrical boxes, pipes, etc.


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