12 x 20 Storage building

Started by new land owner, April 13, 2010, 07:36:48 PM

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new land owner

It seems the more time I spend on my camp the more of a mess my storage building becomes.  I am tired of having so many things that I can't find when I need.  I started to organize my tool shed on the last trip.  I will be using OSB as a wall treatment and I put up six sheets, completing the front wall of the shed. I then moved my work bench to that wall and I built a set of shelves and mounted them above the bench.  As you can see by this picture it is quite a mess right now.

One of the issues is the I need wood storage.  I built a rack that I intend to mount to the wall once I have installed the OSB.  The brackets I made can be attached at any point. I hope this will keep the wood off the floor and take up less room.

Finally I made two additional racks, One to keep my ladders off the floor and another for air hose storage.

Headed back up in a couple of week to finish up this project.


great thread, and nice job on the building..  as I was reading, I was thinking about the big push in schools to include "real world problem solving"  in high school and lower curriculum ..  as your post makes very clear, there is nothing that beats building a small house for providing  problem solving opportunities!   

new land owner

Had a chance to get more done on my Tool shed.  Still have five sheets of OSB to be complete.

new land owner

The raised rafters on my trusses give me a perfect place to store my canoe for the winter.


Oh I am in so much trouble after reading this post with my wife.  Nice building and now has me planning my next project once the interior of the cabin is complete. ;) 
Thanks for Reading
Jim Brown

new land owner

Well I sold my smallest building to a neighbor and am in the process of adding a lean too to the back of my storage building. I started out by making brackets to hang on side of the floor of the storage building. I used construction adhesive and two carriage bolts to make sure they stayed attached

I then dug four post holes on the other end and installed a beam to hold the other end.  I used 2 x 8 PT for the floor framing.

I finished the flooring on my last trip and am headed to camp next week to build the structure.  I have the roof rafter pre cut and have built the doors.  Looking forward to the increased storage space.

new land owner

Just spent the last week at camp.  I was able to get most of my lean too complete.

This is going to add much needed storage space.

new land owner

Well it's been 6 years since I started my Storage Building I was looking at it the other day and decided it was time to complete the exterior.  I liked how the post and beam foundation worked out but left it needing to be grounded and the temparary stairs I built 6 years ago had to go.

I started by building frames around the bottom where I could attache the vertical boards.  I used PT 3 1/2" boards I bought at lowe's. I stain the whole board and then cut to size, in my case 14", and then stain the cut ends

The next thing I did was to make the stairs. I only needed two steps as using 8" rise with a 10" run fit perfectly. MY issue is that they seem to be small compared to the size of the building? Any thoughts on how to make them fit better? I thought about some kind of railing but it doesn't seem necessary with only two steps. I could go wider but again not really needed. Lastly I finished all the Baton strips to complete the building.  This is the final result.

John Raabe

Nice looking project. A deck on the front side might be useful and look inviting. Wouldn't have to cover the full width.

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