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Started by Peaceful Ambition, March 20, 2017, 04:45:24 AM

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Moisture related, the framing is drying and shrinking. It won't change the geometry of the truss.
Wood tech warning. Wood doesn't move appreciably in relation to temperature. What causes wood to move is changes in its moisture content. However temperature does relate to relative humidity and wood is always trying to bring its moisture content into equilibrium with the relative humidity of the air it is surrounded by. In winter the air cannot hold much moisture. We have many sunny days when that cold air with little moisture warms up and the relative humidity crashes. That framing was kiln dried to 19% but the equilibrium moisture content in there is probably closer to 10% right now, so the wood has shrunk. Up in the attic it will shrink more as time goes by.

That web member, the upper stick in the pic is a tension member, a rope, that is holding the raised heel at the top of the wall upright preventing it from wanting to roll outward. It is not particularly highly stressed. If it annoys you it also wouldn't hurt anything to plate over it with ply.

Peaceful Ambition

Phew that was a relief to read, thanks!  ;D
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Peaceful Ambition

So I finally got a bit more wood and I also got all the misc stove-stuff I need to run the pipe through our roof! Woot! That stuff is pricey but still cheaper than a wildfire.

Hopefully that will be done soon, I plan on laying some bricks tomorrow for a hearth pad so stay tuned for pics!
But these bricks get kinda heavy. I use 80 for a 4x4 hearth pad, and I was thinking about just doing the 4x4 walls out of brick too but I'm concerned if that's  gonna put an exessive eccentric load on that corner of the builing.

Just the hearth pad at 80 x 4.3lbs = 344 lbs + 260lbs(woodstove) = 604 lbs just on that corner so far!  [shocked],

If I added another 4x4 brick wall on each side of that corner that'd put the loading just for that spot at 1300 lbs!
Actually just typing that out right now I think I will likely use something much lighter for the walls just to be safe :) 

Edit: Had a guy at the lumberyard today offer me a deal on some slightly warped 2x6x16 T&G pine for the ceiling. 44 pieces for $600. How does that sound? Would you guys take that deal or is the 2x6 too big or expensive?
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2x6 t&g sounds like overkill for a ceiling. I used it for my loft flooring .

For my ceiling I used t&g 1/4 x 4 pine.  It's been a while and I can't remember prices on it. You might want to check prices on some thinner options.


2X6 makes great flooring. Ceiling, not so much.

Peaceful Ambition

Tanks for the advice on the ceiling guys! I decided against it. And besides, I really can't justify going the ceiling before so many other important tasks are done; like the roof  :)

I got a window 3x3 window for the loft and it's going to be a perfect size methinks! Excited to get it in.
Additionally, I finally got the windy side gable-end framed in and only about 1 more sheet away from having it done! Woot!  ;D  Unfortunately the OSB at the lumberyard was only 15/32 instead of 1/2 so I've been stuck buying plywood just a couple sheets at a time and YIKES it just keeps going up in price (it's at $27 for a 1/2'' sheet right now!  [shocked]).
Figured I'd get the loft side sheeted before I pick up the 2x12s for the beam and frame in the other end.

I also finally got the super expensive chimney stuff in! It's like $50 bucks a foot for it but it sure does insulate well! Got the fire first lit! It's much too drafty for any heat to stay inside but it's nice to look at and it keeps my spirits up and lets me warm my hands during these 25 degree days. The bricks were taken out though and I'm going to be the hearth out of something called litestone I think. It looks nice and is super lightweight/heat resistant.

Now finally, I was checking out my bracing and noticed that a couple of my 2x4 braces are becoming bowed. This makes me think that they aren't working well enough for their intended purpose and maybe I should replace them with some hardware or something thicker? What do you think? I expected the footings to have settled a bit but if the long braces were working there should be no movement right? Another idea could be adding some small piece of wood in between each pair, I suppose. The pic kinda shows the situation but it definitely looks warpier in person.

You are not illiterate