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Started by jb daniels, November 06, 2004, 12:32:22 PM

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jb daniels

Does anyone know a good website with info on wood burning stoves and installation, pro's and con's etc...



You might want to look at this site. They have some good info and make GREAT stoves.  I  just bought one last week.



Jutol stoves are great. They are made of cast iron so they last nearly forever. They are also handsome and well designed.

I have used a Chinese copy of the Jutol boxwood stove that I bought back in 1982 expecting to replace it with something bigger and better. It has heated our 1500 sf solar-assisted home for over 22 years now! This stove doesn't have a catalytic converter but I have enough thermal mass in the house that I can burn a hot fire and have only a few minutes of noticeable smoke coming out the chimney.

Here is a series of page links to cast iron stoves of all kinds. You can see that they are not the least expensive.


PS - You can probably find used cast iron stoves locally. There are only a few things that can go wrong with them (plates warped with heat, fireboxes burned out). Most stoves can be cleaned up and resealed with fireproof stove caulk and new gaskets.


I agree, John.  My uncle lives in Colorado  (N of Denver) and has a Jotul that heats his entire house year round.

That is why I bought mine.   :)


here is a good site on wood burning and stoves