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Started by jraabe, January 25, 2006, 02:36:14 AM

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eHow has a new Wiki section (like Wikipedia) where the writing and editing of articles is open to all. Thus information tends to EVOLVE. - The Home and Garden section.

The other side of the site is the more traditionally written How-to articles:

eHow claims to have 4 million visits per month and to be the most widely read How-to book in the world.


Wonder if the author (or anyone else) posted that "how to eat a banana" piece in it!


I actually have serious questions about the author of the how to eat a banana article.   :-/


Really?   :o

I just keep wondering why knives and forks.

(but then nobody has ever accused me of eating mindfully--I get very nervous if I sit down to eat without a book in front of me.)


the whole smell the banana and taste the skin of the banana.. chew it more to appreciate the work that went to growing the banana...

What is next...get a pad and pencil and try to guess the name of the guy who picked the banana?  ::)

I mean come on it got pretty ridiculous

Just gotta say


Amanda, I'm with you, give me a book to read while I'm eating & I'm happy!   :)  Maybe I could lose weight if I ate "more mindfully..." :-/

You will know the truth & the truth will set you free

glenn kangiser

I know what you mean -- I found the article beyond amazing - like - dude - whatever could have expanded your mind enough to write a banana eating procedure like that? :-/

For those who haven't read the above mentioned article---a link-

Banana Eating for Deep Thinkers
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