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What's for dinner?

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--- Quote ---Sounds good, Don... you must cook like we do... make it up as you go.
--- End quote ---
Or I work from recipes and make changes. The tough thing is to remember to jot down what worked really well when winging or modifying so they can be repeated reliably.

--- Quote ---what is your very favorite dinner for just a regular weeknight?
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OOOh! That's tough to say. One favorite?

I could be facetious and say it's one someone cooked and where someone else did the dishes.   :)

I'll give some thought to this.

glenn kangiser:
Every so often (tonight) we like a great big pretty well done hamburger - about an inch thick - I like mine with ketchup and salt-   Sassy made some 7 grain toasted bread and a salad to go with it.  For desert I had about a cup of vanilla and orange sherbet.  A cup of each-- :)

I don't keep regular hours and many times eat at random times of night.

Homegrown Tomatoes:
So is that your favorite, Glenn?

I think I only have seasonal favorites... Summer, it's a bowl of black-eyed peas with thick slices of fresh tomatoes, fried okra, salad, and a glass of so-cold-it-hurts-your-teeth milk.  Winter, it's a bowl of stew (I like calabacitas stew with squash, whatever veggies I can find,hot peppers, a little cheese, and lots of cilantro) and cornbread.  Guess I have simple tastes.    One of my uncles and I have started a campaign to forgo all the traditional holiday fancy food and have beans, cornbread, and collards.   ;D  Not that I don't like holiday food, but I hate the fact that the aunts and my mom tend to freak out about getting everything done and that there is always so much excess.  

Hmmm... tonight I think we'll have the leftover rice/millet mixture with...well... maybe I'll make fried rice with veggies?  And maybe a little chicken to go with it.    I'm pretty unenthusiastic about cooking right now... antibiotics are having major impact on my appetite... might be the first pregnancy where I'll actually lose weight.  Sigh...and today I've got to make the monthly pilgrimmage to the grocery store to get some stuff with the three year old who is begging to wear her superman getup to the store.

glenn kangiser:
Cool on tthe Superman outfit.  My son used to like to wear his Spiderman Underoos when he went places and he was 16. :-? :)

I think my favorites are anything that is special and tastes good -- probably Ice Cream of various flavors - then steak cooked in the Round Oak wood stove in a basket with Montreal Steak seasoning pretty well covering both sides.

This mornings breakfast is Spaghetti squash from our garden, coverd with brown sugar and butter and a dash of salt , along with leftover steak.

Your recipe sounds good, MtnDon - I make a pasta dish sorta like that - love it, although it doesn't always sit real well in Glenn's stomach - he gets heartburn pretty easily...  :-/  

I like stews & soups, made a big pot of pinto beans the other day - was gonna make cornbread but never did get around to it - broiled some French bread that had garlic chunks in itto go with it.  Blackeyed peas are a favorite - I like to cook them with bacon & onions - yummy!

Have made a lot of "frittatas" with our garden veggies, ham or bacon & eggs - with cheese sprinkled on top - those are always good.  Don't have any eggs anymore - there still must be possums or skunks eating them.

I like Oriental dishes - you can concoct all kinds of stuff... I have to watch it with the hot peppers/chile etc - I like it but Glenn is too "delicate"  ;D


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