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Started by zion-diy, August 21, 2006, 10:24:33 AM

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Wouldn't it be great if we could arrange a trek around the country,checking in on, and admiring all the projects that have been written about on this forum. I for 1 would love to see everyones handywork up close and touchable!...But with the cost of gas, and everyhting else, and the fact that most of us on here have saving money as a very high priority, I guess pics will have to do, although the thought of meeting you all in person, and discussing all these topics would be a super experience! People that actually understand each other.. oh well, gotta go, we gots to get this house ready for winter, at least on the outside!..Lin


That does sound wonderful, doesn't it?  Well, I know everyone is welcome to come visit us if you are in the area!

I like your signature down at the bottom of your posting!  That fits us, but I'm the gimp!  ;D


I've mentioned many times on this forum about how cool it would be to have a weekly show touring each project. If I would have only gone to film school........


One of my hobbies was photography and I also video taped quite a few of the kids sports.

My youngest son was the quarterback and took his school to the state finals. He wasn't really happy with me though when he reviewed one of his tapes after the game and found that I had taped more coaches butts than the plays!  ;D

I thought it was funny, but he was livid and after that had his brothers videotape the games! LOL

I would love to tour some of these places. Heck, I'd even like to help build them!


I hope you gave the cheerleaders equal time, MIEDRN.  It's only fair -- they work so hard. :)


The kids were probably wishing I had! On second thought......maybe that's why he was upset - I didn't include the cheerleaders!

I'd volunteer to be the Country Plans photographer if I still had my cameras!

If we weren't trying to save money to build, or in the actual process of building, we could probably arrange a tour.

I hear Australia is quite a hike though!


Yep, you would need to pack a sandwich if you were coming on your bike. However, if any of you feel like making the trip I'll give you the tour for sure. Probably even be able to round up a goanna or two. We have plenty of spare bunks and, I know where they keep the beer. ;D


A lot of us have high speed internet - anybody want small videos - they can be hosted on Photobucket.  Many camera phones and newer digital cameras will will easily do small videos -- we could all see Jonesy as he chewed off a  goanna leg fresh from the barbie and shotgunned a tinnie.

Dial up members would be at a disadvantage though.  We could try to keep them to  a minute or so  each - small size and low frames per second - mine recommends 10 for the internet.


Another idea for an overview project would be a short narrated slideshow (Camtasia video) on "Building for Yourself" or some such title. It would cover several of our better documented cabins and cottages already in the forums. It could give a good overview to newbies and would not require anything more than me getting off my behind and making it a one-day project!  :D

A slideshow would also have a smaller file size and use less bandwidth than a full motion video.


A slideshow, video or pictures would be very helpful, especially if it was narrated. I must be a visual learner because I understand what I'm reading here if pictures are included.

Another idea would be to write a book and publish it. An e-book would be easy to set up and it could be downloaded off this site.

Gear it specifically for newbies and include the basics - the tools needed, how to cut and measure lumber, getting a square and level foundation, where to position the studs - O.C. was difficult for me to understand. Center of what? :)

Not only are you helpful but you do it with a smile and sometimes even a laugh!

There is such a knowledge bank here and the forum is very unique. Considering the interest in tiny homes and building, it could be a best seller on Amazon! :)

The proceeds could pay for a tour of the houses!


One of my favorite books on natural building is one that went back and visited houses ten or twenty years after they were built.  How they and their people have changed, for instance.

Don't think it's where I can put my hands on it right now, or I'd put in a link.

An architect who lives in the next county and I have been thinking about doing that again, with some of the early straw bale and other houses in our area.

Because one of my pet peeves is a gorgeous book of really pretty pictures that are of if not brand-new houses, at least with pictures and text from the architect from when it was brand new.

But I have a lot of pet peeves.

That old Handmade Houses, a Guide to the Woodbutcher's Art didn't obviously do that, and did set my standards for how house books should look.

Charmaine apparently has used copies from the edition from the 80's.  (so does the 500 pound gorilla).


So, yes a tour would be great, with both new houses and ones that have been lived in for a while--maybe from people who haven't been heard from in years.


Home Work by LLoyd Khan falls into the coffee table book class but with a difference.


And yes, a tour would be nice, wouldn't it?  There is such a diversity of styles, climates and settings.  I'm going to be in So Ohio next week (visiting Mom).  Anyone near there?  My SIL and BIL just had a prefab/modular ?built? so will check that out.



Home Work is one of my favorites.  If I'd stay off the computer I'd have time to read it --- OK -- so I just look at the pictures. :-/


Let's skip the homework and just have tailgate parties.......jonsey can bring beer from Australia, Glenn and Sassy wine from Cali, Amanda can bring moonshine from Tenessee and I'll bring the ice! ;D

We would have architects, builders, engineers, plumbers, hobbiests, electricians, investors, carpenters, and nurses to heal the wounds (or hangovers).


I think the small movie thing would be nice. would expand on explanations for us newbies. then we could see things like balloon framing and ledgerboards from all angle in a movie. I vote yes for movies. IMO of course Mike


With it hosted on Photobucket or You Tube, it may stream rather than download so may be less trouble to view.

When I get a little time I'll try a short one.