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Started by jraabe, June 26, 2006, 02:52:20 PM

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I'll start a thread here to pay homage to all those inspired projects that are more daring and madness than hard-headed practicality.

Here is the latest photo from Lloyd Kahn (Shelter, Handbuilt Houses). He doesn't tell me much... just "Vinnie's sauna, nearing completion after 4 years". Your imagination will have to take it from there.  :D

• I would take that rounded vertical sided area to the right to contain the stove.
• To my eye that is a Crystal ball (left of door) set into the wall as a window. Neat!  :D
• Is the eave lighted from above? Seems like it is floating the roof on light.


That's pretty cool, John.  I have occasional fantasies and I try to use lots of imagination.  :) :-/


That shape reminds me of Cinderella's Carriage without the wheels.


I was looking at Kahn's site online - here's a picture of a papercrete earthbag building... since there was a thread about papercrete & earthbag construction, thought maybe this would fit in...

(picture turned out kinda small...  :-/ )


I was kind of wondering if it was a little rectangular sauna with all those curves added.  The back wall looks flat, the front opening on the right looks rather as though the top is a lot thicker than the bottom, which still looks like a well-insulated sauna.

But cute beyond belief.


Here's a place near Cody, WY.

The link page says:

"Don't you hate when you start a home improvement project and have no plan at all? We have yet to learn about this house standing high on a ridge about two miles to our west. It does add character to our new home environment."

"This marvel of mixed architectural "design" outside of Portland "

"The House in the Clouds" outside the village of Thorpenesse in Suffolk Co, England. (

Then there is stuff like this from a site titled "Stange Architecture"


That's cool.  I found another page on the site with this house listed as Seymour.  I guess it is on the second page.



Does that place near Cody look as if the structure is strong enough to support a water tank up top?  That's what I might want, stand around, run the pump every couple of days to fill the tank.  Then all quiet. for another couple of days.



The house I rented in Iran while in the Peace Corps had that type of system. A low power pump filled a tank on the roof (when there was power) and then it was gravity from there down.

Especially good idea for an off-grid system that might use a solar panel or two for power. Water weighs 8.33 lbs/gallon so be sure to provide additional support all the way to the foundation for the tank(s) and to secure them (straps, bolts) in case of earthquake or heavy winds. (A 100 gal tank - larger a bit than your HWT - will weigh 850 lbs.)


Finally gave up trying to get logged back on.  Used to be Epiphany.  Back now as Homesick Gypsy.  More descriptive anyway...  

I've always wanted to build a tree-house out of cob or concrete.  Not a tree in a house, but a house that looks like a big tree trunk.  Kind of like in the Ewoks movie...


Welcome back Epiphany and good to see your resurrection as Homesick Gypsy.

Here is an image from this site on reusing fallen trees.


Hi Epiphany-- I was wondering what happened to you..  

So grab some dirt, water and straw and make something- start small. Soon you will be able to move onto bigger things. :)


Hi guys.  I've been lurking and reading, just unable to open my mouth.   ;D  I'm getting ready for a move to Seattle or areas thereabout.  If my (almost) dream job comes through, I'll be able to move up into the Cascades, near Marblemount.  I have an application in at the Seattle City Light hydroelectric plant in an admin position.  I say almost dream job, because my dream job would be a trust fund....  Anyway, wishin' - hopin' - plannin' ......  Waiting to see where I land.  The catch 22 is land is so expensive there I don't think I can afford to buy anything but a small plot with lots of permits required.  But the tree-house you sent is perfect.  There are some trees up there that big - just need to find a stump...   Ever since I read "My Side of the Mountain" as a child, that's what I've wanted.

You're not hiring, are you John?   ;)


Glenn you said

( "I have occasional fantasies and I try to use lots of imagination. ")

Careful man your wife reads this board....*LOL*....You may have some explaining to do...



Guess I'll have to let her in on them.   ::)  New building ideas are so fantastic you know. ;D



Our moms were right.......

It can be fun to share! ;)


This place is pretty strange--all the bells and whistles of green building in an academic setting.  And they are in love with Gabions as in rock filled baskets--they're everywhere.  Probably have to go through the slide show to get the full effect.