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Started by HBushey, July 03, 2014, 12:15:22 PM

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I purchased the greenhouse/glazing plans and had a few questions after reading them.  I noticed that the glass panels do not sit on the foundation/ within the structure at all.  They sit on a ledger board secured to the front of the structure.  Was there a particular reason for this?  In my totally ignorant view, I would think it would be better for it to sit on foundation as it is really the main part of the structure on greenhouse.  Was this done for drainage reasons?


John Raabe

The glazing panels in this design sit on the outside face of the framing (which rests on the foundation). The glass floats in rubber and foam mountings and this is covered by wood trim - trim that can be easily pulled off when panels need to be replaced (as I have recently done with my 30+ year old sunroom).

Panels can and have been framed in between the structural supports but the milling of these supports is critical and any change of shape in the framing will be likely to open up a leak. This was often done in earlier wood glazing systems, but there were problems.

Hope that helps, John

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Thanks so much for quick response.  I have found 34x76 sliding glass door panels to build a sunroom and in searching found your plans.  They look like they will build a beautiful greenhouse!  I have to get permits to build.  Any tips for drawing up plans based on your glazing techniques? I'm hoping to avoid hiring an architect as it would be cost prohibitive for me.  I didn't see complete plans for a greenhouse on your site.

I was planning on using your detail drawings and the framing of 4x4 35 3/4" on center.  I am more unclear on roof framing.  Is it against code for roof framing 35 3/4" on center so I can use panels on roof?  Should I double up 2x8 or use 4x8? Thanks so much for your great product and help!

John Raabe

These are framing and glazing details but not building plans for a specific sized greenhouse or sunroom. Every project will have its own dimensions and plan layout.

On my own sunroom we used a south facing window wall of glass panels as shown in the details. The roof was standard roof framing using 2x12 sloping rafters at 24" o/c. That was more than was needed for the roof structural load but we wanted R-30 insulation. We then used the curbed skylight details to punch holes in the roof for additional light.

I would suggest you work with a experienced local builder or home designer to fit this in with your layout situation.

Our specific sunroom plans are part of the Solar Saltbox plans.
None of us are as smart as all of us.


QuoteIs it against code for roof framing 35 3/4" on center
It is not against code to frame on 35 3/4" centers. But it is outside of prescriptive code, the tables and specifications provided in the codebook for typical construction. It is up to the local building official how he handles non prescriptive designs. Often they will allow some latitude if the design is obviously within the intent of providing a safe building. If in doubt he will ask that a professional design the part of the structure in question.