Anyone recognize this dog breed?

Started by BobHHowell, March 14, 2009, 01:39:51 AM

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We are originally from Georgia -- and still some what new to NE Ohio.  For the past few winters, about the time Lake Erie freezes over, the strangest white dogs come rummaging through our yard (they really like licking the old fat off the barbecue grill).  I am guessing they are domesticated since they have little bobbed tails.  But I have not been able to determine the breed by looking at pictures in dog books at the library or pictures on the web.

They are rather ill behaved and don't mind.   I  tried shoeing them out of the yard – and one swiped at me with a paw and tore some new britches and scratched my leg.   I told my wife she could tell them they were "bad dogs" from now on – I'm not messing with them. 

We never see them in the summer.  The owner must be retired and vacation some where else.

Anyone recognize this dog breed? 



 :)  rofl

... had some of those ole boys back home ( and a bit north)
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IT's a BEAR!!!! I made the same mistake once when one got in my compost thought I would chase it off with a stick, but no so.  You know now that it has had bar b que you have to shoot it to get rid of it, or call the game warden?  They don't leave once they get to eat, and they bring their friends along in the future.  We had to move they got so bad, first they found the food box in the creek, then drying cherries, then a cooler of grapefruit, then the dog food, then they started breaking into the house when we were home.  That was it, time to move!!! They are not even scared of guns once they know there is food there. 
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I've never seen one that could stand on two legs and point like that. Sure is ugly, I'd shoot it!
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