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Started by peg_688, April 12, 2006, 08:45:41 PM

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Good tip man..A couple years ago we have this killer frost up in the mountains and the pipes froze...I was under the house cutting insulation off the pipes so I could thaw them with the propane torch....The torch in one hand and the fire extinguisher in the other...

Sort of going to be  the same thing here....

But very good tip....

way down my to do list...If it was not impossible due to the pieces being built on my house I would love to raise it up 2-3 feet to make the crawl space aceesable....I guess as I replace more of the columns I will dig down further and then shovel out the excess dirt....Creating more space down there the hard way


You would think I had accidentally set a thing or two on fire in the past wouldn't you. :-?


 BOUT 5 YEARS AGO i NEARLY BURNED  down my dads shop....welding a patch in my 69 dart... wanted to do a frame off...well they have uniframe but you know what I mean...

Somehow a spark from the grinder made it's way onto the gasline which is rubber from factory about 8 inches and it was dry rotted from being 33 years old and living in the california desert it's whole life... poof up it went...

The car has the factory undercoating on it and grease from years of a leaky transmission...the whole underside of the car was going pretty good...

Emptied a few extinguishers on it...almost had it out...Then I went nuts with wet rags....Just  sort of got in there..

Never hurt the car a bit...Scared me half to death....I just yelled at my dad...get the truck and a chain...I was going to pull it outside off the jack stands if I did not get it out....Was not going to lose the shop....

We have no fire insurance...But there is usually 5-6 extinguishers hanging in various parts of the shop...a couple of the extinguishers were empty old and leaky....really sucks when you need it and it is not there to save the garage...

Tip of the day....Go check your extinguishers and have one at every corner of the shop...At the work bench and at the welder...

I would even like to put one under the house so if you were down there and something happened you have one ready to go to save your life


Speaking of burning...

Hehe...Remember I was having trouble with the neighbor burning leaves.... I waited until they went to bed...and Lit half a dozen small piles... and dumped wheel barrow loads on them all night.... Waited for a night with no wind at all.... It has been hot and dry here the last 4 days so the leaves were dry which means almost no smoke...

It sucks that I have to do it in the middle of the night...6 hours I should have been canoodling with the wife...

One more night and everything will be cleaned up.... Hardly wait to see the yard when the sun comes up...

Well gotta log off and make my wife's lunch....

Be back in a bit...


Wife took a picture of me planting some nectarine trees today...I need to  try to figure out photobucket...


Nothing to it- start an account there - Log in - hit the browse button and show it where the file is on your computer - hit upload - the file goes to photobucket - takes a minute or two.  When done your pic shows up in photo bucket.  Copy the IMG tag by clickink on it then paste it into your next Post Reply box here.  The picture will show up when you post.



wow that is pretty complicated for me...I am the worst at techno babble...

Ask me how to rebuild an prob...or bolt a car back together from a pile of nothing and I can do it......Email gives me trouble sometimes... ;)

I will go try it out man




been painting all day...I dunnp glenn if I figured this out...the pictures did not show up... just the links to the pics...Maybe you know what I did wrong?


You have to copy the one at the bottom of the links tags that starts with IMG - you can usually just click it and it will copy but if that doesn't work highlight it then right click - copy- paste it here.


The only thing you were missing were the brackets and the IMG tags.  You can add them by clicking modify, highlighting the address -(url) that you posted above then clicking the third icon in - the one that looks like a little photo in a white frame on the post reply screen.


What I am trying to explain is that to get them to show they need to look like this.

Note - copy the line that says IMG code on photobucket and paste it here.  Being in caps in photobucket is fine - it works here that way .  You are well on your way to being a computer pro.

Nice pix and trees by the way.

...and I see that you are a handsome brute just like me. :)


Glenn way too much onfo for me to process right now...My wife says I look like a mountain man with the beard I shaved for her on the week end...So that is me chean shaven in action....A few times a year I break down and submit to my wife's constant nagging to shave

we are messing with every aspect of the house and much to do...For example today I painted all afternoon and this morning I was digging for the garden... So it is all over the place and nothing is really finished...I need to get busy because the wife's dad is coming to stay on the week-end and I have to finish painting the room where he will be staying....

Nothing is ever easy.....


Try the "Live Preview" between "Post Reply" and the collection of stuff including the subject, smileys, message icons, etc.

Then you also see what you put in bold in bold instead of having the funny parentheses with a (b]b[/b) in front and a (b]/b[/b) behind.  

I had to put in typos so you could see this!



Well - we got the pictures posted anyway so no problem. :)

I shave a couple times a year too - but only to the longest rake on the hair clippers.  Gotta have at least an inch and a half of beard.  Sassy usually starts thinking I need a trim when it gets about 4" long. :-/



My wife hates facial hair...Which makes having it all the sweeter...


I'm lucky in that area -- Sassy doesn't have any. :)



Did I miss something man....Hehe


She doesn't have facial hair - that one was probably too far out there- - I've been up too many hours and am losing it. :-?


yes you are losing it...Is it all sleep related though.. that is the question :o


QuoteI'm lucky in that area -- Sassy doesn't have any. :)
I got that!   :o   OMG  


Ok you guys... such simple things entertain you ::) ...  

Nice nectarine tree, Peter - our's in the valley is blooming, so is the cherry tree & all the almond trees.  I'd planted a pluot tree last year up here - it bloomed during all the snows - I got a few fruits; this year it was covered with blooms again & it's been good weather so hopefully will have more fruit.  I don't know if any of the fruit trees in our little orchard have made it, tho  :(

I just got back up to the cabin tonight after working for the past several days in the valley - worked in the yard yesterday before work & most of today down there & now I'll have plenty of stuff to keep me busy uphere... never ends - I guess that keeps life interesting?   :o


Hey Sassy

Well I will be back at the ranch again on friday and I will try to get some pictures of the other trees...I planted a few more after that picture was taken...

Something so Wonderfully fufilling about planting trees and gardening...So rewarding to see something you planted grow... Getting fresh fruit off the trees each year is not going to be bad either... ;)

I will try to get some more pics of the other trees.


Yes, it is nice to grow your own fruits & veggies - & they taste so much better!  That's a pretty nice lemon tree you have - & we finally got to see a picture of you - I'm always curious what people look like - you're kinda a younger Glenn  :o !  ;)

Please do post more pictures  :)


We picked our Brussel sprouts tonight and ate them - after I spent 10 minutes cleaning the aphids off of them.  Boy, were they good.  The sprouts - not the aphids. :)