Colorado 26X36 - Build has started !

Started by UK4X4, September 28, 2010, 11:03:54 AM

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OK - roofing has officially started !- sadly i don't remember seeing a crane rental on my list of expected expences

This was from yesterday - so I expect the trusses to be all up today hopefully

Glad I'm not getting on the roof- its high !


Yes, amazing how fast those little oversights start eating up your contingency funds.

Those bluebird skys sure speak to your good fortue at this late date in the building season.  Looking at a foot of new snow at my job site this morning.


So far the weather has been great - by now usually we are under snow too- the first storms comming through in October

I can only presume Sandy messed up the normal systems - yesterday I even postponed our Christmas visit for two weeks from the 15th to the 28th

as if it stays like this there will be no snow to ski on !

hungry awaiting more pics !


So much for beating the weather about 4" of snow on the ground and we don't have the roof on - yesterday was rained and winded out- they were.nt able to get the sheeting on in the conditions- last night I guess the temps dropped and the rain turned to snow.

here's the update- they stacked the sheeting on the second floor and will be passing them up through the trusses

Photos from yesterday morning

Ski resort webcam next door- my weather check up location



My original budget was blown ages ago.

being that we decided to pay a GC and use contractors- things add up quickly.

We had planned that I'd take 3-4 months of work and do it myself,
but when we did the math- I'd loose about the same in wages as the labor and GC would cost so I'm busy working- and paying some one else

From the GC's expected cost list- we'll be dried by 100K and another 25 ish next spring should get us windows, log siding and batt and board above.

The Foundation ate a lot of that - first draw for the ground work drainage - back fill and concrete- was 45K.

I'm in a 90#snow area too- so just the trusses were almost 7K- with the four dormers adding costs too

Things are more expencive in Colorado- especially when your an hour or two from the nearest town

If people are interested I can post the budget and costs so far, its seperated for labor and materials and should give you an idea

adding things like the 4x10 beams and the T&G flooring obviously costs more than just fiber board and joists- but I think the visual effects will be worth it when its all sanded and stained


Wow! We have the property in Park County, Fairplay and it's at 10k ft elevation.  Double wow on that foundation and backfill price-  but it is what it is- and best to get it done and enjoy!

What slope is that?  Copper Mountain?


Just a little slope called powderhorn in Mesa Co- don't tell anyone about it - no lift queues

Not huge- family friendly and reasonable in cost for the season pass.

Experts would find it limiting - but for us its fine don't have to worry about my 4 year old going over any cliffs.

Walk up and ski in.....if you feel like some exercise !

Progress is slow the GC has another house or two on the go- but the roof is on - and getting some technical felt for the winter

well thats if we get one - only 2 ft so far and the lifts open in 15 days

Its cold enough at -12celcius but it looks like sandy messed up the normal fronts comming in from the pacific

Good thing is it means no rot and water inside accept for that first storm.

Heres the pics- looks a bit shoe boxy without the windows - but they'l be opened up in the spring for the windows


Thought my thread had been deleted ! took a while for me to find it up here

Well the weather has held off for 6 weeks longer than normal- allowing the GC to get the place dried in for winter

Not a proper roof- but at least waterproof and will hopefully stay in place till the spring.

Windows etc will all be cut out later, and a temporary door will be put on to keep the furries and two legged beasties out.

After Christmas and our visit to site we'll sort out whats next- siding and windows probably - it really depends on whether we do the design change moving the living quaters upstairs, as I may need to change some windows arround.

So things may not stop till spring - just a short two months while we concider our options-and then layout the plan for 2013.

Savings are gone now- we decided to take out a small loan against another property i own which was fully paid off.

With this depending on what choices we make we want to get the whole exterior finished.

The HOA and neighbors can then not have any reason to complain.

Interior will then slow down to available funds and our time there.

Tommorow If I get the time I'll post the financial break down to date- we have used contractors for all so far

It should give people an idea of the costs involved for building Colorado.

I for one read others breakdowns - sadly the costs in other states are significantly cheaper- i should have been completed by now based on my original budget based on other building location costs.

So this weeks pics- Tyvek suit and a synthetic felt hat !


So here's the breakdown from the GC- we are over budget right now by about 3K mainly the beams and a modification to the trusses ate that.

We were under by 2k on the permits

As you can see- costs in Colorado are higher than i've seen on the site so far......or I'm the only one being honest !   

Things that seemed out of order was really the rock back fill at 9K usd - seemingly crushed rock is expencive
The Overkill foundation ate a large ammount- hopefully that will be money well spent

the rest of the costs sort of aligns - 50% materials and 50% labor

1   Loan Closing Costs         $0.00    
2   Plans, Engineering, Soils Report      $2,700.00    This is the $2500.00 + plan copies ($725.00 paid)
3   Permits                         $5,544.00    $1800.00 impact fee and $2.00 sq. ft. permit fee
4   Surveys                         $0.00    
5   Excavation-Backfill, Found. Drain   $13,883.00    4' dig with gravel, drains and backfill
6   Foundation         $0.00    
   Material                         $11,920.00    Based on $135.00 per cu. Yd
   Labor                         $10,188.00    Based on $35.00 per l. f. on wall and $3.00 per sq.ft. floor
7   Waterproofing         $650.00    Waterproofer on concrete wall before backfill
8   Blasting                         $0.00    
9   Well System / Tap Fee / Line      $1,200.00    Water line brought in under foundation
10   Septic System / Tap Fee / Line      $3,350.00    Tank, pump and piping
11   Trusses                         $6,378.00    Overholt Truss engineering
12   Framing Lumber, Nails, Bolts, Etc.   $14,085.00    As per plan. Add $850.00 for 4x10 and 1x6 upper floor
13   Framing Labor         $11,232.00    Based on $6.00 per sq. ft.
14   Rough Plumbing         $0.00    
15   Rough Electrical         $0.00    
16   Rough Heating         $0.00    
17   Roofing Material & Labor      $6,900.00    Based on $3.00 per sq. ft. for asphalt demisional shingles
18   Sheet Metal-Gutters, Flashing   $0.00    
19   Masonry-Materials, Labor   $0.00    
20   Fireplace         $0.00    
21   Windows & Doors         $8,834.00 from an online quote for PVC windows Milguard   
22   Exterior Trim      $0.00    
   Material                         $7,326.00    Siding and logs as per plan
   Labor                         $7,488.00    Based on $4.00 per sq. ft.
23   Drywall         $0.00    
24   Cabinets         $0.00    
25   Interior Trim-Materials, Labor         $0.00    
26   Insulation         $0.00    
27   Garage Doors-Openers         $0.00    
28   Counter Tops         $0.00    
29   Tub & Shower Tile         $0.00    
30   Plumbing Finish         $0.00    
31   Heating Finish         $0.00    
32   Paint-Material & Labor         $3,276.00    Stain siding, trim and logs
33   Electrical Finish      $0.00    
34   Finish Hardware      $0.00    
35   Appliances         $0.00    
36   Shower & Tub Enclosers   $0.00    
37   Mirrors         $0.00    
38   Flat Concrete      $0.00    
39   Driveway Surface         $1,062.00    Road base for parking area after excavation and utilities are done
40   Extend Water / Sewer Mains   $0.00    
41   Gas Service-Extension Hookup   $0.00    
42   Electrical Service-Extension Hookup   $1,700.00    $950.00 for excavating line and $750.00 for service
43   Retaing Wall         $0.00    
44   Landscaping         $0.00    
45   Fencing-Walls         $0.00    
46   Common Labor         $0.00    
47   Stucco         $0.00    
48   Clean Up-Interior,Exterior         $0.00    
49   Finish Grade         $0.00    
50   Flooring         $0.00    
53   Builders Risk         $0.00    
54   Lot Release         $0.00    
55   Supervision-Overhead  15%         $17,357.40    
56   Construction Loan Interest         $0.00    
   TOTAL COSTS         $135,073.40

In earlier times it cost 6K to clear and level the plot
another 1K to dig and level the corner where I put the trailer
REBAR too was missing aprox 1.3k   
Crane rental for the truses was 1.5K not on the list


Thanks for posting the costs. 

Looks like concrete and 'fees' ate a large chunk
Often, our ignorance is not as great as our reluctance to act on what we know.


Yep costs are higher than I expected and higher than I'd planned

Location - distance from town- soil problems and permits up the yin yang

According to some tax details some of the houses in my HOA are over a million

So I guess I'll be expencive for me- but cheap compared to some others

Mean while winter has landed with 2-3 ft forecast for the next few days- resort next door is open with all lifts running

Just thought I'd post the Tyvek install- again more than usuall as it will be the exterior of the building for the next few months

Its taped every 48" and plastic washer stapled to try and keep it on the walls

Alos had my new front door installed- not quite as I planned but will suffice for a snow free interior

10 days to go before we see it in the flesh and dig out the trailer !


Well we looked discussed and measured almost everything

I think we are going for the following - not changing anything framed so far, accept for a a few window size change

Upstairs east end - front door below

master 13ft x 13 ft with 13 x 7ft bathroom behind the kitchen - 7.6" ceilings over the kitchen and bedroom and a little bedspace above for my daughter---who's 5- roughly 11ft x 13ft with 3ft side walls

rest is open -to the cielings

small 12ft x 12 ft deck above lower deck on north western gable- for summer sun and views- and not getting in the way of the snow exiting the roof

Below electric room becomes shower-wash
bathroom stays the same

two double beds are possible - with another living space by the french doors
beds - south west corner
north east corner each to the support posts

leaving an 20ft x 13 ft open space with bar- kitchenete

basicly two living spaces- upper being for owners and guests below

Or the kids can hang downstairs while the parents can cook and socialise upstairs

Lower deck is covered - - upper deck is open - for catching a few rays.

Not much internet so pics will floow when done

Presently not skiing as twisted my ankle last night on a slippy step - probably get out the wooly hat and do some framing while were here @!

As a note its been-20oC at night ----roughly -4oF

The trailer manages to keep us a 20 above ice cube making and quite comfortable this year with the added electricity meaning no worries about the batteries and generator- but its nice to know we have a backup if required

For those worried about wintering in your trailer while you build - its possible

We cover all the windows at night with double bubble foil insulation and makes it much more cosy- than sitting with the alumininuim frames conducting the exterior temps inside


     Love your build and the info you are providing. I am in Australia but am considering going down the green card process to come to the US. I have been researching motorhomes etc and a lot of people have tons of good info on camping in the weather you seem to be in. One thing i liked was stacking hay bails around the gap between the flooring and the ground. This stop wind drawing the heat out of the caravan and helps keep the heat in. Another thing lots of people are concerned about are pipes freezing so they run lights in the cargo bays and rap the external hoses with heat rapping. Please keep up the good work. The HOA's are something I need to do further research on, they seem to be a bit power crazy. :)


Thanks for the support !

yep read about the hay bails - but with so much animal life arround here i was unwilling to provide free lunchs and a breeding ground for all the little critters

we have already had one mouse inside the trailer- found frozen in my wooly ugg boots

I have enclosed and heated tanks- under body- but to us still not worth the risk - so its pot showers and a flannel.

Good luck on the green card- I've looked into it- only real option for a foreigner is the green card through investement

500KUSD minimum- worse thing is the min 10 emplyees which you have to keep for three years - so only leaves you with restaurant/ service type businesses

Main green card sponser in the US is....................................................Dunkin Donuts !


A few pictures from our last trip

view from the ski lift - you can see both the house and the trailer !

View inside down stairs looking north east

Inside down looking south west- center pole is temporary just needs removing

soon to be upper living area !- side walls are 6ft high with a 9-12 cathedral truss

Birthday present to self- dewalt saw and stand !


Laid out master- bath and kitchen rough layout - leaves us with 1/2 the upstairs for the new great room - not two stories but looks good to me !

poked a hole in the tyvek and sheeting and took a couple of the views  from the new upstairs great room

This is looking North across the colorado river valley and I70 which you can't see as its in the canyon and over to the bluffs beyond
The big aspens in the way are dead......hopefully this spring they'll fall over !


OK some time was taken to review the views and the existing structure and framing

I don't want to go backwards and increase costs by the changes we want to do.

So if anyone has some input it would be apreciated- basicly instead on the living downstairs and the beds upstairs we are going to muddle some things arround.

It basicly gives us an upstairs greatish room  and still some living area downstairs out to the covered deck

add views to the main room- gives us a chance to split the property- unwanted inlaws and siblings for example.

Could even down the road add an exterior staircase and rent down stairs seperately - to friends relatives while keeping our upstairs exclusive to us.

Heres the orginal plan layout

and heres the 2013 changes- keeping existing headers and framing basicly the same
down stairs electric becomes down stairs bath and the toilet becomes the electrical room
outside the upper north east triple windows becomes double windows and central door out to a 12 x 12 deck - following the gable width for no slide off


A bit quiet in here- but I'll carry on logging the details for family and friends

Work has started again after the changes made during our Christmas trip

Deck is a waterproof one to keep water out of the full foundation below- there will be a EPDM mebrane over the boards and then a floating wooden deck over that

This will be done to both the decks upper and lower

Inside before we cut out for the newly added windows in the gable ends- we installed the chimney chase to stiffen up the wall.

Stairs are in and the front porch is underway

Siding upstairs will be verticle alternate 1x6" rough sawn

with rough sawn natural edge 1x 8" horizontally below

All the big timbers and posts all come from Grand Mesa above where the build is- locally sourced from a local mill

The 6X12 beam came from the same mill
here's some progress pics


Siding and windows have arrived and being installed

snow is melting and the house is still level !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Other houses broke or moved by this time of year after being built in the previous fall

So I'm so far very happy with the investment in the foundation

Lower siding is locally milled timber with the bark on
Upper siding will be verticle but both sides sawn

Siding has been stained all sides before installing

Looks like the chippy has used 4x4's for the window frames- so the siding must be about 1.5" thick

really pleased with the look, I was worried at the christmas visit about it looking too tall and a simple box

John Raabe

None of us are as smart as all of us.


Looking good!  Where did you get your siding and what size is it?


The siding is not a product as such

Its from a local saw mill in grand junction

Looking at the lhs of the house those windows are 60" high and there are 6 of them

so I'm guessing but they must be12-14" wide to get a coverage of 10" per row.

The window bucks look to be 4" so they are probably 1.5" deep

The timber is prestained at the site all sides

I'll ask the GC to see what the dimensions are


me too- the GC is doing an excellent job taking my designs and making slight changes to improve the look

ie I was expecting just to see the rafters on the pront porch.......he added the upper siding as a covering notching out for the posts

the lower "siding" can be see in the foreground- they are getting ready to mount the feature barn door roof - hopefully today.