Where to buy plans for this A-frame cottage???

Started by Celav, January 08, 2016, 07:39:55 AM

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Does any one know where to find/buy plans for this A-frame cottage?  I found some pictures on Pinterst and fell in love with it but cant find plans anywhere.





One comment on the Pinterest page states the design is from the 60's.  Even ifyou found a set of those plans they very likely would not meet present day building code.
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      I know you weren't asking for opinions on A frames.. (the Time-Life book on Cabins and Cottages includes a simplified plan for an A frame..)  but I believe everyone is entitled to my opinion, so here goes.
      Our neighborhood and surrounds have quite a few A frames.  The advantage--- very easy to build, and triangles are very strong.  It's mostly roof so maintenance is lower with less exterior to tend.  Disadvantages--they are very hard to heat and cool.  Usable space is pretty small compared to square footage.  They burn up hot and quick.  Consensus around here is, they are fun to build but not much fun to live in.  Like geodesic domes, they have their following but resale is hard, compared to more conventional structures. 
       Have you rented one for a week to make sure it's for you?
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Do a search on this forum for an EaglesSJ He built an A frame.  He still drops in from time to time.  I PM him once in a while.   But they built the A frame then took off in other directions with their build.....  He seems to like it well enough.....
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That's about the only way I like one is to break out of the roof and head off with a wing.
I think my aversion started when I was about 6 or 7. It all started with "hold my milk and watch this", I scaled the roof by grabbing the rake fascia, worked my way across the ridge and then slid down. It would have been great fun if it had been metal, but it had shakes. As my Dad drove me to the doctor with me looking out the back window and my tail in the air to remove the 1-1/2" broken off splinter he said "Guess you won't be trying that again  ;D"